Best Cases for Moto G7 Power Android Central 2020

Announced alongside the Moto G7, the G7 Power is a bit beefier than its brethren thanks to its 5,000mAh battery, which should last for days. Considering this is the priciest phone of the G7 family, you'll want to make sure it's protected, and we have you covered with the following case options.

Trusted brand: Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Staff pick

Spigen is one of the best case-makers around, due to their reliability and customer support. The company has finally released a fan-favorite for the G7 Power with the new Rugged Armor case. This offers a considerable amount of protection, without adding too much bulk.

Dual layer: Poetic Full-Body Armor

Most protective

Poetic makes some of the best cases in the business, and the company has released its Full-Body Armor case for the G7 Power. This case comes in two pieces, with the back case being made of polycarbonate and TPU, and the front polycarbonate shell including a built-in screen protector.

Hybrid Protection: Ouba Air Hybrid Armor Defender

Some cases are exceptional because they keep your phone protected, but what if you want to show off its beauty? The Ouba Air Hybrid allows you to do so with its soft TPU frame and clear, but a hard, transparent back shell to show off the rear of your new G7 Power.

$8 at Amazon

Low-profile protection: Ghostek Covert Clear Case

The Ghostek Covert Ultra-Thin clear case has been drop tested and will keep your G7 Power protected for falls from up to 6.5 feet. This is done with the reinforced, shock-absorbing corners, along with the scratch-resistant clear back, which still gives you access to the fingerprint scanner.

Thin and clear: SKTGSLAMY Clear Case

You want to show off that new fancy phone you just picked up, right? Look no further than the SKTGSLAMY Clear Case. The thin TPU shows off your new G7 Power in its full glory, while still sporting a slim profile and protecting your new phone from scuffs, scrapes, and slippery drops.

$6 at Amazon

Thin and rugged: OtterBox Commuter LITE Case

OtterBox makes some of the best cases on the market and the Commuter LITE series stands out. This case is not as thick as other OtterBox offerings, but still offers a soft inner shell and a hard outer shell to protect the G7 Power.

Magnetic wallet: 32nd Leather Book Wallet

Sometimes a functional case is better than one that looks good, but 32nd Shop takes this a step further with its wallet folio case, which is both good-looking and practical. There's a single card slot, along with a pocket for your cash, and you can easily fold back the front flap if you want to prop up your G7 Power for a chill sesh.

Holster it: CoverON Moto G7 Power Holster Case

There are some holsters, and then there is the CoverON Holster Case for the G7 Power. What makes this case unique is the metal reinforced edges, which are sure to keep your G7 Power protected from whatever disasters life may throw at you. Plus this case is nifty thanks to the ability to the built-in kickstand so that you can watch your favorite movies on the go.

Colorful and vibrant: ANLI Mandala Cover

The ANLI Moto G7 Power Mandala Cover looks absolutely gorgeous, but there are two other color options for you to choose from. Between the PC and TPU layers, your G7 Power is sure to be protected throughout all of your activities. The ports are also just slightly oversized, so you can easily plug in your charger or headphones.

$8 at Amazon

Floating Bling: Ruky Gradient Quicksand Case

There would be something wrong in the case world if there weren't an option that was all glittery, sparkly, and unique. The Run Gradient Quicksand case offers a scintillating "glitter liquid design" with all the sparkles and glitter you could ask for in the back of the case, moving whenever you move.

$9 at Amazon

Around your finger: Lovpec Ring Holder Case

It's one thing for a case to have enough grip to make sure it stays in your hand, but there are still some times when something like a Pop Socket would be useful. The Lovpec Ring Holder helps to solve this with the built-in ring found on the back of the case to help improve your grip while doubling as a kickstand.

$10 at Amazon

Military grade: Poetic Revolution Case

The Poetic Revolution case is rather impressive given its military grade drop-protection rating, along with the built-in screen protector. Plus, this case sports a built-in kickstand so that you can sit back and enjoy some movies on your lunch break.

Reinforced and flexible: Encased Thin Armor

With the Thin Armor from Encased, you get a unique combination when pairing the case and the holster. Normally, the case itself has a hard shell which then clips in, but Encased opted for using a flexible TPU shell all the way around. Nonetheless, the holster has a spring-loaded quick release, and the clip itself can withstand damage from a direct drop.

$13 at Amazon

Honeycomb rigidity: Poetic Affinity

Poetic's Affinity case offers an interesting honeycomb pattern across the back of the case, which aims to assist with the shock absorption. This case is also completely clear, so you can continue showing off your G7 Power without hiding it beneath a case.

Precision protection: LuckyMi Armor Case

When it comes to using the LuckyMi Armor Case you can rest easy knowing that the case is precisely cut to fit your G7 Power. This gives you responsive feedback for your buttons, along with perfectly-aligned cutouts for your ports, speakers, and cameras. Plus, you get the added benefit of a built-in dust guard on the bottom to keep your charging port free from any dust or pocket lint.

$9 at Amazon

Best options for you

The Moto G7 Power might be on the way out now that Motorola has released phones like the Moto G Power, but you'll still want to keep your current phone going for as long as possible. For that, you'll need a case.

For those out there who don't want to add a lot of bulk to their G7 Power, we would recommend looking at the Spigen Rugged Armor. This is a no-brainer since Spigen is one of the best in the business, and you know you're going to get an excellent case for your new phone.

On the other hand, if you need more protection than most, the Poetic Full Body Armor is likely for you. This case is made from polycarbonate and TPU, offering as much protection as possible, along with the built-in screen protector.

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