Best Cases for Moto E4

The Moto E4 is pretty new and, cheap as it might be, there are still clumsy people out there who will need to protect its robust plastic exterior with a case (I am one of them!)

A word of warning before you venture out into that good e-night: there are two variants of the Moto E4, and they are different enough that cases from one won't fit on another. The North American version lacks a rear speaker and is a slightly thinner than the international model. Headphone jack and microphone placements also differ. Read this before you make the wrong decision.

With that, let's get to some of our top picks right now for the Moto E4.

Dretal Ultra-thin Armor

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Dretal isn't a particularly well-known name in the case world, but the version it's made for the Moto E4 has some pretty great reviews, and is available in four fun (well, three fun and one black) colors!

It's a wrap-around variety made from soft-touch, flexible TPU plastic, and according to recent buyers the back, despite appearing to be textured and grippy, is quite slippery. Still, it's got a no-nonsense design that doesn't add much bulk, and for $8.98 you can't really go wrong.

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Cimo Premium Slim

Cimo is a well-known and respected brand in the case manufacturing world, and the Moto E4 version is about as simple as it gets. Featuring a flexible TPU material, similar to the Dretal, Cimo's version is slightly less bulky, and has a raised lip that prevents the screen from being damaged should the phone find its way to the floor through absolutely no fault of your own. Of course not.

At $5 (and $3 shipping), the case is only currently available in one (rather fetching) color, Matte Smoke, but by the end of July, it will be joined by Matte Pink, Matte Blue, and Matte Black.

Matte all the things!

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CircleMalls 2-Piece Hybrid

I'll admit to having less than 100% confidence in a company called CircleMalls, but this two-piece case comes with a free stylus and screen protector for just $9. Can't really go wrong.

Available in three colors — black, blue, and rose gold — like many other cases on the market this one sports an inner silicon lining and an outer reinforced plastic to absorb shocks. It's a bit bulkier than the average single-piece case, but if you're prone to dropping your phone a lot, this may be the one to get.

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Update, August 2017: These are, strangely, still the best cases you can buy for the Moto E4.

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