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Best 3-in-1 USB cables 2022

You might have a nice selection of USB-C cables along with microUSB, Lightning, and more creating an electrical rat's nest in your drawer. Getting one of the best 3-in-1 USB cables not only simplifies the act of charging multiple devices with different ports but can also help you keep your desk organized. Yet strangely, most people don't think of getting a 3-in-1 cable to take the place of three separate ones.

Chances are that your various electronics rely on a mix of USB-C, microUSB, and (for Apple users) Lightning chargers to stay running. Because of that, you probably have to bring one cable per device on road trips, when you could just rely on one multi-pronged USB cable that can fuel up any device that needs recharging. Avoid tangled wires and missing cables during road trips with just one of these 3-in-1 cables.

You'll just need one good 3-in-1 USB cable to get it all done

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Which 3-in-1 USB cable should you pick?

The EU is forcing all companies to use USB Type-C in the future (opens in new tab), but in the meantime, there are a large number of microUSB- and Lightning-compatible devices that need their own special chargers. We find it deeply annoying to keep track of them all, making the best 3-in-1 USB cables worth buying.

The Anker Powerline II is a fantastic choice for those who have many devices but don't want to carry around a slew of different cables. The cable comes from a brand you know and trust and includes a "hassle-free lifetime warranty" so your cable can be replaced in case something breaks or goes wrong.

Perhaps the most interesting 3-in-1 cable is the ZRSE Magnetic Charging Cable because you can switch among devices more easily than ever. The ability to just leave the charging connector in your device will help protect it against dust, and you can rely on the braided cable without fumbling with tangled cables.

Of course, the major benefit of buying any of the best 3-in-1 USB cables is universal compatibility across iOS and Android devices. If you're primarily an Android user and have no need for a Lightning cable, you should also check out the best 2-in-1 USB cables (opens in new tab), which mostly offer dual Type-C and Micro-USB connections. You may also want to consider one of the best USB-C hubs (opens in new tab), which goes beyond universal compatibility, and actually lets you charge different devices simultaneously.

Andrew Myrick
Andrew Myrick

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