Aukey's true wireless earbuds won't fall off your ears and are on sale for $27

Aukey Sporty Earbuds
Aukey Sporty Earbuds

These Aukey true wireless earbuds are our favorite earbuds with a hook design, and they were already noticeable for being relatively inexpensive. Now they're at an even better price thanks to a ridiculous on-page coupon that takes 45% off the price. Get Aukey's sports true wireless earbuds for just $27.49 at Amazon. That's $2 above the lowest we have ever seen and way better than the regular $50 price they're going for without clipping that coupon.

Include powerful 12mm drivers for high-fidelity audio. The ear hook design won't let go even when you're at the gym. They have IPX8 water resistance, which is full waterproof support. The battery life lasts up to 35 hours with the included case.

These Aukey earbuds are not like most true wireless earbuds you've seen, and you might not be excited to see that hook design that's so different from other designs. However, if you've used ear hook headphones before or you're someone that spends a lot of time at the gym or running from class to class, then you will appreciate what those hooks do for you. They provide a secure fit that can't be jostled from high movement. If you need earbuds that won't fall out when you get going, this is the pair you want. They are comfortable but firm, so you'll feel confident wearing them.

In addition to that, the earbuds are IPX8 rated. The 8 rating is essentially the highest water resistance you're ever going to see in a pair of headphones. The only rating higher generally applies to vehicles. This means whether you're getting your sweat on, running in the rain, or using these earbuds in the pool they're going to survive just fine.

Add onto all of that an amazing battery life. The earbuds will last for up to seven hours on a single charge, and they come with a charging case that can pump that total up to 35 hours before you ever have to plug them in. When you do plug in, you can use USB-C for a fast charge and get them going again in no time.

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