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AT&T's Galaxy S4 Active getting Android 4.3 update today

772MB of downloading gets you to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and all the goodness that goes with

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is finally getting some love from AT&T today, as the I537UCUBML2 update — that'd be Android 4.3 — is currently rolling out over-the-air.

We don't currently have a list of the changes (the update itself isn't "official" just yet) and the update just started pushing so there's not a lot of customer feedback for now. What we do know is that 4.3 is bigger than 4.2, therefore the laws of smartphone physics say it must be better.

If you have an S4 Active from AT&T, be sure to check for your update. Discuss in the S4 Active forums!

Thanks, Trey!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • What?
  • I have an SIII it runs well but rooting is dangerous. Posted via Android Central App
  • Didn't you see the pic? That isn't water on the Active, it's beads of sweat. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry for the mambo-jambo earlier... I typed distracted on my phone and word prediction was on vacation... I meant to say that the SG4 and SG3 have so many problems since the 4.3 update. My phone is slower and the battery drains faster than before. And I keep getting dropped to 3G but that may just be Verizon.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Must be an ATT thing. VZW and Sprint are fine. You need to do a Factory reset should clear your issues
  • No Sprint is not fine.
    Installed the Knox Free version XDA for the sprint GS3. Its slower but it does more. Except when it comes to bringing my LTE down to 3Mbps down.
    The modem that Samsung made for this phone is horrible. (And I live in a Spark enabled city) Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!
  • So you installed a custom ROM, and your pissed that it doesn't work right. Gotcha. I have three of them within reach. One like yours, One that is rooted stock and one that is stock. All three of them are perfectly fine. No slowdown, no performance issues. I would first suggest that your flash the modem. I would then say if it doesnt work , dirty flash the ROM over what you currently have. If all that fails factory reset, and reflash the modem and the ROM. This is where people say that they do not want the hassle of flashing ROMs. Oh and spark doesn't matter, you do not have the radios for it. Its like complaining that your HSPA+ is slow.
  • I've found the 4.3 update has caused problems with my phone signal strength. In my home where I get 4 bars on ATT generally, has randomly begun dropping to No bars, and then comes back to 4 bars, while i'm not moving. I dropped calls last night for the first time ever. The only difference is the 4.3 update... Anyone else having issues?
  • OK...this is really starting to piss me off.... Now I'm at work and can't send a text message because I have no signal.....errr.... I want my 4.2.2 back.... crap!
  • @ DatathePanda, i am experiencing the exact same problem with my phones battery life after upgrade to 4.3. My phones battery life is half of what it used to be and it also auto shut down the phone when it reaches 10%. This is f.... annoying. My phone data signal is also up to s..t It struggles to select the data carrier or somethings data does not work at all.. Disabling and enabling does not work.. The best is to restart the phone the data starts working again Also i had numerous problems with some of my installed apps. In most cases i had to roll back the apps version to a previous installed ver for it to work. My phone is also much slower.. To be serious i think that ver 4.3 f...s up you phone more then enhancing it. All and all this update is f...up .. DON'T install it. I wish i can roll back to 4.2 ( a working ver)
  • i just finished installing the update. no problems so far.
  • *phone explodes* Posted via Android Central App
  • Is that the phone exploding in your picture? Nexus 5...enough said
  • Glad to see the porn phone getting some love. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok AT&T, now it's time to release that Android 4.2 update for the One X and X+. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this out for T-Mobile too? Can I update using Kies?
  • Here is the download link: The link takes you to Google Dive. The MD5 is: F43D00ABDC4FE4D5BFB305CC6598FEB3
  • Hi is this for me? T-Mobile phone? Do I update via Kies and how? Thanks
  • This is for AT&T. Took it off my device.
  • So I can't use it? anyone has the tmobile one?
  • I feel sorry for all the S4 active users who will now have KNOX pushed to their devices. If Sammy wants to include KNOX then the end user should have a choice as to whether they want that feature or not. Posted via Android Central App
  • every phone is gonna have a form of it eventually
  • Finally news about my galaxy s4 active update. . Only problem I uninstalled at&t software updates because I'm stupid. So I guess im gona have to learn how to update with kies hope its not to hard . Unless anyone knows where/how or if I can get at&t software updates application back on my phone from somewhere? Any know how to send it to me?
  • So far the only big change I've noticed is that when you turn it on a warning about making sure the back is on tight pops up. It also does it for the USB Charger port when it is covered and uncovered.
  • Ok wait...My APN got changed from the Update...Just put it back to my Net10 APN...I was on wireless and didn't realize that I had no 4g LTE either! I'll watch my phone signal now and see how it does, but right now it's holding it's signal..... yeaaa Joel
  • I have Samsung Galaxy S4 but looking for code to unlock it? anyone utilized service of safeunlockcode .com?