TikTok's rumored photo-sharing app could go head-to-head with Instagram

TikTok app logo on Android
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What you need to know

  • TikTok is rumored to be gearing up for competition with Instagram by developing a new app called "TikTok Photos."
  • The speculated TikTok Photos app could allow existing TikTok users to import or sync their publicly shared photos from TikTok to the new app.
  • TikTok Photos is reportedly in development for both Android and iOS, with an expected launch "soon."

TikTok might be preparing to challenge Instagram with a new app in the works called "TikTok Photos."

TheSpAndroid's AssembleDebug stumbled upon code in the latest TikTok app update, suggesting the imminent release of a photo-sharing feature akin to Instagram (via Android Authority). Numerous mentions of "TikTok Photos" were uncovered in version 33.8.4 (com.zhiliaoapp.musically) of the TikTok app.

Phrases like "Open TikTok Photos," "Share this post to TikTok Photos," and "Reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts" were found in a few code strings, hinting at the features and functionality of the upcoming photo-sharing service.

The rumored app is expected to allow current TikTok users to kick off their TikTok Photos journey by importing or syncing the photos they've already shared publicly on TikTok.

The leaker also posted images that could be the logo for the TikTok Photos app. The logo seems to be a red "P" and maintains the same color scheme as the original TikTok app.

TIkTok Photos app logo

(Image credit: AssembleDebug / TheSpAndroid)

The post mentions that TikTok Photos is in development for both Android and iOS, and is expected to launch "soon."

If a dedicated TikTok Photos app is indeed in development, it could be poised for competition with Instagram. The irony lies in the fact that Instagram introduced its short-form vertical video feature, Reels, in response to TikTok's popularity worldwide.

TikTok has established its widely popular social media platform by focusing on short-form videos, a trend that has since spread to YouTube and other popular apps.

Although TikTok currently lets users share multiple photos through slideshow videos, it seems the company is gearing up to provide a more dedicated photo-sharing experience with the potential app.

The introduction of a standalone TikTok Photos app isn't entirely unexpected, especially considering TikTok has already incorporated a "photo mode" for still images within the main platform.

It's possible that a TikTok-branded photo app could open up more opportunities in Western markets. It might be a strategic move, especially considering the potential threat of TikTok facing another ban in the U.S.

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