YouTube Shorts are coming to the Google Play Store, because why not

Google Play Store's new The Play Report feature
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What you need to know

  • Google announced a new short-form video format for the Play Store.
  • It is a new way to discover apps and games by viewing creators' opinions.
  • It is dubbed "The Play Report" and is currently rolling out as a pilot program for users in the U.S.

Short-form videos are all the rage these days, and Google is honing in even more on its Shorts effort, announcing that this format is now venturing into the Play Store as a new way to discover apps and games.

It is dubbed "The Play Report" and is being introduced as a pilot video series for the Google Play Store for Android devices. It includes a bunch of videos "hosted by gaming and lifestyle experts sharing apps and games they love on Google Play, " the company notes in an accompanying blog post.

It will be added as an expansion to existing Monthly Picks, New on Play, and our Teacher-approved program, allowing users to discover and download apps accordingly. The Play Report aims to give users the "download on what to download" from the Play Store's latest popular apps and games. Episodes contain expert advice from creators who will cover trending content and hidden gems, although it's not immediately clear how these featured apps are chosen.

When the rollout begins, users on Google Play will notice a new carousel of these videos under the "For You" section as a new category. Upon clicking on them, they will open in a full-screen YouTube Shorts mode.

Google doesn't mention Shorts in the announcement, but a shared GIF from the post clearly shows that's what it's using.

The Play Report on the Google Play Store

(Image credit: Google)

The Play Report will be available for select Google Play users starting in the U.S., And the said new episodes will roll out in the next few weeks. However, if you are not part of the pilot, the company assures you can still watch them on other mediums like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in their respective Google Play channels.

The new pilot follows the current trend of incorporating short-form videos in almost every popular app in 2023 and will likely introduce the audience to new forms of content while simultaneously bringing more creators and boosting Google's efforts in video content. This interestingly comes at a time when YouTube senior staff are reportedly concerned about the role of short-form video and how it may cannibalize long-form YouTube content.

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