Samsung's Galaxy AI looks to shatter barriers with more language support

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung confirms that it will expand the number of supported languages and dialects for Galaxy AI features.
  • The company announced that Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian, among other dialects, will arrive this spring on Galaxy AI-capable devices.
  • Samsung then teased more language support "later this year" and the potential for more devices to pick up Galaxy AI.

Samsung announces that more language support will arrive for its Galaxy AI software and features soon.

According to a press release, Samsung is preparing to expand the number of languages (and dialects) Galaxy AI supports this spring. Galaxy AI already supports 13 languages, but Samsung states Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian will soon be options for users who are more comfortable with those languages.

Additionally, the Korean OEM plans to incorporate Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French into Galaxy AI's dialect side.

While not given an exact date, Samsung is interested in further widening its service by supporting Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, traditional Chinese, and European Portuguese. The company states users should see these languages enter the fold "later this year."

In a follow-up newsroom post, Samsung's president and head of mobile, TM Roh, said the company is "committed to democratizing mobile AI for all; Galaxy AI’s language expansion this year will allow even more Galaxy users to communicate beyond language barriers on a scale that is completely unique to Samsung."

However, what's curious is Samsung's apparent teaser about additional devices that receive Galaxy AI features. After reiterating devices that currently have some, the company added that there are "more coming soon."

Using Google Circle to Search on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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As Samsung highlighted, its increased language support will help those using Live Translate, Chat Assist, Note Assist, and more. Many of these features arrived for several past-gen devices at the end of March with the One UI 6.1 update. The Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, and Tab S9 series were among the eligible devices for the update.

These phones and tablets also received Google's "Circle to Search," which lets users run a web search for anything, anywhere on their phone.

Samsung's light teaser of Galaxy AI on even more devices makes sense, as the Galaxy S22 series could be on that list. The company's TM Roh spoke briefly about it, stating the brand is conducting a "review" of the series to see if Galaxy AI features could function properly on the S22 series. The glaring issue is how heavily reliant Galaxy AI is on a device's hardware.

Despite that, Roh seemed somewhat confident it could be done—but we'll have to see. As for what else could join it—the waiting game continues!

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  • gd761
    Samsung besides Adding Aditional Languages should Add Auto Detect Language.
    Here's an Example
    I Speak English and have My Phone set to English. I'm working with people who speak mostly Spanish and I have My Phone set to Spanish for when I Call them or when I recognise the language and select to translate it. But what about if someone Calls Me who speake an Asian language and I don't know which it is to be able to select it and I choose the wrong language even though I have the Language Pack Downloaded for the Language they are Speaking?
    Samsung should have a Selection to Enable Auto Detect Language and when Selecting it, there will be a Notice that by selecting to Enable Auto Detect Language, All Language Packs Will be Downloaded. If the Person Agrees to have Auto Detect Language, then All Language Packs Will then be Downloaded at that point.