Samsung's Camera Assistant app comes to midrange Galaxy A phones

The camera viewfinder on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung dropped its Camera Assistant module for the Galaxy A53 and A54 running One UI 6 (Android 14).
  • The module's arrival brings a "stabilization code" update alongside version 2.0's "Distortion Correction" and "Upscale resolution zoom" options.
  • Moreover, both midrange devices can use One UI 6's AI camera enhancements alongside Camera Assistant for even better control and edits.

Samsung's Camera Assistant Good Lock module, aimed at bringing camera enhancements to its flagship devices is arriving on a couple of midranges.

Sam Lover spotted the availability of the Camera Assistant module for the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54. With its appearance, Samsung has provided a small update for eligible devices through version 2.0.01, which applies "stabilization code."

Owners of these phones must have One UI 6 (Android 14) installed to download Camera Assistant.

Aside from that, v2.0 of the module rolled out for the Galaxy S23 series and many other Galaxy phones running One UI 5.1 back in November. The midranges getting in on the camera fun should notice new "Distortion Correction" and "Upscale resolution zoom" options. The former aims to "bowing or bending" caused by the camera lenses, also some "perspective distortion," which the latest flagship phone suffered from.

Camera Assistant brings "High Resolution" settings to the Galaxy A53 and A54. This new menu houses "Upscale Resolution" and "Adaptive Pixel" options. The latter is stated to help reduce noise in photos for devices snapping photos in low-light situations.

Owners of a Galaxy A53 and A54 with One UI 6 can head to the Galaxy Store to download the Camera Assistant Good Lock module.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Samsung introduced the module late last year in December as a solution to slow camera shutters alongside Auto HDR, Auto Softening, Auto Lens, and more. Camera Assistant provides a new "Quick Take" feature, giving users the option of long-pressing the record button to record a movie. Additionally, users will find the ability to decide how long a timer should be and how many photos their device should snap in that timeframe.

Lastly, since Samsung requires these midrange devices to have it's Android 14 skin installed, the major OS' own AI-enhanced upgrades will come into full effect. From an overhauled camera app UI to the Clean Lens feature for removing annoying blurs, Samsung owners can continue to push their camera's potential.

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