Samsung's new Camera Assistant aims to speed up your Galaxy S22's camera shutter

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Camera Assistant gets introduced for Good Lock on Galaxy S22 series phones running One UI 5.
  • This new feature contains Auto HDR, Auto Softening, Auto Lens and more so users can customize their camera settings.
  • Fast Shutter only applies to a device's wide-angel lens for right now with Samsung looking to expand it to other lenses next year.

Samsung has just introduced Camera Assistant, a new module available through the company's Good Lock app.

The Camera Assistant module was announced through Samsung's Korean community forum. The Korean OEM explains that users can install Camera Assistant by searching for their Good Lock app or through the Galaxy Store app on Galaxy S22 series phones only running One UI 5. After installing, tap its icon or access it through Good Lock or even after accessing your device's camera app.

When we first heard about Good Lock gaining some new features with the recently released One UI 5 software, we knew it would include some new customizable camera options. The first few features, Auto HDR, Auto softening, and Auto lens switching are all available within its settings, and these are applied to the auto camera app to enhance your shots.

When turned on, Auto HDR can help to ensure photos taken in saturated, bright areas appear well expressed during those bright backlit conditions. Auto softening can help to smooth out skin textures and hair when turned on. Auto lens switching allows the phone to automatically switch which lens it uses to snap photos with, depending on your chosen level of zoom.

Auto HDR comparison of a leaf using the Camera Assistant module

(Image credit: Samsung)

This new Camera Assistant brings in the ability for users to toggle on Quick Take. When on, you'll have the ability to record a movie by long pressing the record button. For those times when a timer is required, Camera Assistant adds the ability to not only the length of the timer but also the number of photos you'd like it to take. Users can choose between one, three, five, or seven shots taken after the timer expires.

When everything's moving fast, your shutter needs to keep up, and the Galaxy S22 isn't known for having the fastest shutter speed, especially when compared to other Android phones. To address this, Camera Assistant includes a faster shutter that is currently only offered to a device's wide-angle lens. Samsung is working on bringing Fast Shutter to all lenses at some point next year.

This feature for Good Lock also includes an expanded camera timeout option. Samsung states users can decide between one, two, five, and ten-minute options. Lastly, connecting your device to an external display via HDMI will now display your camera app on your phone without its UI.

Samsung hopes to bring this new camera software to its other Galaxy phones in the future.

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