News Weekly: The first Android 15 preview, Zuckerberg has some words about the Vision Pro, and more

A Meta Quest 3 headset alongside physical game cases
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This is Android Central's News Weekly, your go-to source for a concise roundup of the week's most significant tech stories. This is where we delve into the top headlines that provide the latest developments and innovations contributing to the digital landscape. 

This week, we tackle the first Android 15 preview, Samsung's Galaxy Buds getting the magic of AI, Mark Zuckerberg calling Meta Quest 3 the best there is in the VR market, Google is testing a new feature in Google Search Labs, and Google One hits a significant subscriber milestone. 

Google drops first look at Android 15 

Android 15

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Google released Android 15 this week (Feb. 16), but the catch is that this build is only for developers. Users with Google's mobile OS now get a sneak peek into Android 15. However, the developer Preview doesn't reveal much about the features that Android users will get later this year. 

Nevertheless, the update brought in more insight into Google's growing focus on privacy and security with their new version of Privacy Sandbox. It also gives users the opportunity to personalized ad experiences for mobile apps.

The tech giant also added that Android 15 is stepping up its camera game for creators by adding "new extensions for more control over the camera hardware and its algorithms on supported devices." This means improving on those low-light photos and adjusting brightness with advancements in flash strength. 

Along with this, the developer preview also brings in some of Android 14's features with Health Connect extensions that support new data types in fitness, nutrition, and more.

The VR wars have begun

Mark Zuckerberg alongside Meta's logo

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Mark Zuckerberg showed off his skills as a tech reviewer on Tuesday (Feb. 13), as he took to Instagram to brag about his Meta Quest 3 after testing out the new Apple Vision Pro. He stated that the Meta Quest 3 is "better for the vast majority of things people use mixed reality for" than the Apple Vision Pro.

He filmed his Reel using  Quest 3's mixed-reality cameras while noting it has "high-quality passthrough just like Vision Pro." In the 3.5-minute video, Zuckerberg claimed to be "surprised" at the "trade-offs" Apple had to make to the "comfort and ergonomics" to achieve its epic 3660 x 3200 pixels per eye. 

He also mentions that the Meta Quest comparatively weighs 120g less and doesn't struggle with "motion blur" when turning your head during passthrough, as many other independent Apple Vision Pro reviewers have been complaining about.

Closing off, he did give Apple some brownie points for getting a higher resolution and eye tracking. He then dropped hints about the Meta Quest 4, stating that the Quest Pro had eye-tracking sensors first and that they intend to "bring them back in the future."

Samsung's Galaxy Buds are getting AI-ed

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 color options

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Samsung silently announced on an OTA update this week (Feb.13) that it will enable Galaxy AI on its latest earbuds.

Via an email to owners of the Galaxy Buds 2Buds 2 Pro, and Buds FE, the company let them know that it would add live translation and interpretation to its earbuds via an update. 

The Live Translate tool debuted on the Galaxy S24 series that allows users to download language packs to hear a translated version of the other speaker's words during a call. With this update, even wireless earbuds can serve as the mic for these phone calls. 

According to the email, "users directly speak into the Buds mic and their translated voice will now be available via the Galaxy S24 series enabling near-natural conversation between two individuals each holding Galaxy S24 series smartphone and Galaxy Buds respectively, eliminating the need to hand over the phone and manage translated talking."

Google One hits the big 100 Mil

Google One Logo Lifestyle 1

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Google's cloud storage service hit a milestone earlier this week, reaching 100 million subscribers. Google and Alphabet's CEO, Sundar Pichai, took to X to announce this win, stating that they're "looking forward to building on that momentum with our new AI Premium Plan."

Last week, the company announced that Gemini Advanced would be a part of the new Google One AI Premium subscription. Since its launch in May 2018, the cloud storage subscription service has been giving users extra storage for Google services like Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. 

Currently, all Google accounts get only 15GB of free storage space, including Gmail, photos, docs, etc. In an effort to drive users towards paid subscriptions.

Google One plans start at just $1.99 a month, snagging you 100GB of storage. If you're someone who needs more storage, you'd need to pay $9.99 for 2TB. 

Google tests new feature in Google Search Labs

Search Labs with AI at Google IO 2023

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Google is testing a new feature that will call a company's customer service line on your behalf. The feature on Search Labs will not only initiate a call to a company's customer service, but it will also wait on hold and connect to a customer service representative.

When you ask Google for a company's customer support number with 'Talk to a Live Representative' enabled in Search Labs, a new button will be available below the Knowledge Panel for this feature. If this feature seems like a Déjà vu, you're not wrong. This feature has more similarities to the Hold for Me on Pixel, where the user has to initiate the call and navigate menus to get to the right place. Only then can Hold for Me take over while you are placed on hold. 

But with Talk to a Live Representative, the feature basically does the entire process for you until the live support agent is contacted.

Those are some of the biggest stories from this week. Meanwhile, here are some other stories from that are worth catching up on:

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