Google Weather's widget and At a Glance icons finally pick up a fresh look

Google Weather App
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What you need to know

  • Google is updating the At a Glance and Weather widget icons to align with the revamped look of the Weather app, which received a facelift last year.
  • The refreshed icons now have a 3D aesthetic, departing from the previous flat design.
  • Google's updates typically have a staged rollout, so the timing of when users will see the new icons depends on individual cases.

Google's Weather app got a facelift last year, but the home screen icons looked stuck in the past—until now. The search giant is finally matching the At a Glance and Weather widget icons to the app's fresh look.

As noted by a Pixel user on X (formerly Twitter), Google is rolling out a fresh icon for the Weather and At a Glance widgets (via 9to5Google).

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This follows the Material You redesign of the Google Weather app in 2023. As expected, the new home screen icon matches the app's revamped style.

The refreshed icons aren't as flat anymore; they've got a cool 3D look now. You'll also spot it in the At a Glance widget, which you can add to your non-Pixel phones using the widget picker.

Like with most Google updates, it's a gradual rollout, so when the new icons will hit your screen depends on your luck. At least Google is finally pushing out the much-awaited update. That said, the global availability for all users is still up in the air.

Google gave the Weather app a makeover when it dropped the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold around mid-2023. The redesign then made its way to smartphones in the latter part of that year.

While not everyone's into widget aesthetics, Google has been giving them more attention since the Material You release. The company even launched a standalone Google Weather app last year, linking up with the Google Clock app on Pixel phones. It's curious to see what other widget upgrades Google has up its sleeve.

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