Google's Weather UI redesign starts appearing on more Android phones

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What you need to know

  • The UI redesign for Weather in the Google app is starting to rollout on Android phones, bringing it into the Material You group.
  • The redesign tosses away the old, clunky three tabs for a cleaner, bolder single viewing with a Now, hourly forecast, and 10-day outlook scrollable display.
  • Google rolled out the revamped UI on its Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices earlier this year a month after launch.

It looks like Android phones are starting to receive their Weather UI redesign in the Google app. The rollout was brought to Mishaal Rahman's attention on X after he received several reports from users about it.

The Weather "app" is essentially tucked into the overall Google app on Android. The redesign swaps out the old three-tabbed view for "Today," "Tomorrow," and "10-day outlook" for a single streamlined view.

The redesign fits well with Google's Material You design language that it features throughout Android and its own apps.

Most of what users are now finding calls back to some early teasers a Google member posted during the spring. A "Now" section welcomes users with quick bits of information such as the current temperature and an hourly forecast followed by the 10-day outlook.

One aspect that's shown up is the addition of a weather warning for users in between the Now section and the hourly forecast. Looks like this could help those glancing at the weather for any trouble before heading out.

The unfortunate reality is that the Weather UI's redesigned look is slowly rolling out for Android phones. However, the good thing about this is that the changes don't appear to be restricted to just Pixel devices. Among the reports, there is a mix between Google's Pixel owners and a few Samsung Galaxy devices, too.

We've conducted a test on a couple of devices, and the new Weather UI has not appeared just yet. With the week closing, we may see it appear throughout the weekend, and if not, there's always next week and beyond.

That said, Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet owners might wonder what all the hubbub is about, considering they've had it for a few months now. Google rolled out the revamped Weather UI in the Google app for its latest devices at the end of June. The changes offer a little bit of an extended look for those larger screens as the interface delivers a more information-rich experience in a cleaner way.

Another thing to consider is the timing of the Weather UI's redesign. Google is prepared to launch its new Pixel 8 series, alongside the Pixel Watch 2, on October 4. That's only a week away (give or take), so a change like this is appearing right on time for some added flair to its new devices.

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