Samsung just wrote long-time fans a love letter with the first major Galaxy S24 update

The vivid color profile on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung says an upcoming February 22 update for the Galaxy S24 will add a new "vividness" slider under advanced display settings.
  • This new setting aims to quell complaints from users who have called the new display "dull" and "washed out."
  • Samsung is also addressing several other complaints in the patch, including better camera performance.

Samsung says it's "committed to listening" to its customers as the company readies the first major Galaxy S24 patch aimed at solving two of the biggest complaints for its new series of phones. At the forefront of the changes is a new "vividness" slider in advanced display settings that allows users to adjust how punchy the colors look. The patch will be rolling out to users on February 22.

This comes after a wave of complaints from early users who have cited that the display looks "dull" or "washed-out" compared to the Galaxy S23 series. In our Galaxy S24 Ultra review, we compared the S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra side-by-side and found that the S24 Ultra's display had a much more natural color tone. While this is what Samsung was aiming for, some users prefer the bolder, saturated colors of older Samsung displays.

Samsung hasn't addressed the grainy display issue yet, but it's not likely these problems can be fixed with a software update. We're not yet sure if the grainy display issue is widespread or if it's just a batch of defective display panels.

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Samsung also said it's addressing complaints about the Galaxy S24's camera experience. The company says this upcoming patch includes "enhancements across the camera experience, including upgrades to the device's zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities, and more."

In our Galaxy S24 Ultra camera review, we noted that it was the best camera Samsung has ever made, often eclipsing the Pixel in photo capture capabilities. One major weak point, however, was that the phone still struggled to capture objects in motion, such as pets or kids. Samsung doesn't mention if this specific pain point will be fixed in this upcoming patch.

The February 2024 patch has already begun rolling out to several Galaxy phones, so it's only a matter of time before the update and the Galaxy S24-specific enhancements reach Samsung's latest phones.

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  • Larry Smada
    Too bad Samsung didn't take the opportunity to update its Phone app to include a "Favorites" list.

    This is a very nice feature included in the Google Phone app (which I use instead of the Samsung app).

    Also, hopefully this update fixes the Play Store glitch where downloads/updates get stuck in "Pending..." mode. Sometimes toggling wifi works, sometimes rebooting phone works, sometimes you just have to quit and come back in a few hours. I never had this problem with any of my previous Pixel phones.