The latest OnePlus 11 update is reportedly making its camera useless

A OnePlus 11 in the official aramid fiber case alongside three DSLR camera lenses
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A February update for the OnePlus 11 is causing the phone's camera to act erratically.
  • Some users report that photos aren't being saved, while others say the camera crashes when they try to take a photo.
  • The previous OxygenOS 14 update doesn't seem to be affected.

We've seen our fair share of botched updates from companies this year, and OnePlus looks like its name is getting added to that list with the latest OnePlus 11 update.

The February OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 14 update went out over the weekend, and users on the official OnePlus forums are reporting problems with the phone's camera. Some users report that photos aren't being saved, while others are finding that the camera app crashes after taking two to three pictures at a time.

Our in-house review of the OnePlus 11 unit is on the previous OxygenOS 14 update and doesn't have this issue, meaning something seems to have gone awry in the February patch. Android Central has reached out to OnePlus about the problem, and they told us the problem was being investigated. We will update the article once we have more information.

Customers who have received the update and are experiencing issues are encouraged to file a report with the company to log the issue. More reports will generate a faster response from the development team. OnePlus has been testing OxygenOS 14 for several months now, so it's likely that a new addition in the February update is causing the problem.

OnePlus isn't the only company facing issues with updates recently, though. Back in the Fall, Google Pixel phones suffered a huge storage bug. Yet another critical bug was introduced in the January patch, and the fix is only now rolling out. Likewise, recent Samsung phone updates have been causing problems with Android Auto. For now, it appears that only the OnePlus 11 is affected by this particular camera bug, although we'll update the article if it begins to affect other OnePlus devices.

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  • Wayne Coetzer
    Thank you so much for reporting on this! I am surprised you can't replicate it on your test device. I have a UK device and the app breaks within a minute or 2 of snapping pics and jumping between camera modes and the preview thumbnail. Perhaps isolated to the UK models.

    Anyway... See the chaos here below, every 2nd post is about this issue: