New Motorola Razr Plus update arrives with bug fixes and more

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What you need to know

  • The Motorola Razr Plus is receiving an update with the November 2023 security patch.
  • The changelog notes that the update includes bug fixes and stability improvements, but doesn't detail these changes.
  • There are no noticeable changes to the software, unlike the last update, which brought new apps and features.
  • The update comes in at 190MB and should be rolling out now.

Motorola has been fairly consistent with updates to the Razr Plus, but the company seems particularly active now that the year is nearly over. As such, a new update is now arriving on the flip phone, just one month after the last one rolled out.

This update doesn't seem to be a particularly large one, coming in at just 190MB in size. My North American Motorola Razr Plus received build number T2TZ33.18-75-9, which is a fairly small change from the previous version, T2TZ33.18-75-4. The biggest change arriving with this small update appears to be the security patch level, which is now upgraded from September to the more recent November 1, 2023 patch. This is in line with Motorola's promise to bring bi-monthly security updates.

The changelog also notes that the update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements, although it stops short of going into detail regarding these fixes. That said, there don't really appear to be any noticeable changes to the overall UI and experience, as far as I can tell.

The previous update also listed bug fixes and stability improvements but neglected to mention larger changes coming to the phone, such as the new Moto Unplugged app, a Moto Connect app, and some welcome UI changes.

The only noticeable difference in this update was the presence of a notification after the update finished, which prompts you to "Optimize your updated device." Sounds pretty exciting until you realize it's just a way to install "hand-picked apps" bloatware that you probably don't want.

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Meanwhile, there's been no word on when Motorola plans to begin updating its phones to Android 14, which has already started rolling out on some of the best Android phones. With any luck, we'll hear something before the year ends, but it seems the company will fall behind the pack once again with its rollout.

Meanwhile, if you're still interested in purchasing the Razr Plus, that rather attractive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is still available, giving you $300 off what may be my favorite phone of 2023.

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  • Mr. Lucky
    "The changelog notes that the update includes bug fixes and stability improvements, but doesn't detail these changes."

    They still haven't fixed the acknowledged bug of non-moto live wallpaper not surviving a reboot. :(