Google is making it easier to find Asian-owned businesses

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What you need to know

  • Google has announced a new profile attribute for Asian-owned businesses.
  • The tool will allow business owners in the United States to identify themselves as Asian-owned.
  • The attribute will be visible to all users across Google Maps and Search.

Google has done a great job of supporting Black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned, women-owned, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses by displaying their corresponding badges in Google Search and Maps. The company is now extending that tool to Asian-owned businesses.

The search giant announced today that it is rolling out a new tool that allows business owners to identify themselves as Asian-owned through Google Maps and Search listings. The optional attribute will make it easier for users to find Asian-owned businesses nearby.

Merchants in the United States with a verified profile on Google will be able to edit their existing listing on Google and choose the attribute that indicates they're Asian-owned.

"As we were building this feature, we worked with hundreds of Asian-owned businesses to ensure the attribute celebrates our diverse and unique cultures," Leanne Luce, a product manager for Google Search, wrote in a blog post.

It's perhaps worth noting that the tool is optional, so businesses can choose whether to include the attribute on their profile or not.

Google attribute for Asian-owned businesses

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In addition, Google will provide ad-supported publishers with the option to identify as Asian-owned in Display & Video 360’s Marketplace in the coming weeks.

Google also announced plans to expand its existing partnership with the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC) to help Asian-owned small businesses thrive. Through its Grow with Google initiative, the company will collaborate with the USPAACC to provide digital skills to 10,000 Asian-owned small businesses. That's on top of the more than 20,000 Asian-owned businesses that have already benefited from the alliance.

The latest announcement is an expansion of Google's support for marginalized communities. In June, it introduced new LGBTQ+ badges for businesses, allowing merchants to showcase their business as LGBTQ+ friendly.

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