Fitbit now lets users integrate their Health Connect stats into its app

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What you need to know

  • Fitbit is rolling out its integration process for users Health Connect data.
  • Users will find options to sync active calories burned, basal body temperature, and basal metabolic rate statistics from Health Connect.
  • The "You" tab now houses a new "Records" tab that will let users toggle Health Connect stats on the "Today" tab.

Google is rolling out integration for the Fitbit app that lets Health Connect users bring their stats over.

According to 9to5Google, the Fitbit app is starting to display a "New Health Connect features" card that contains your health and wellness stats. Its arrival lets users set things up by tapping devices (or battery percentage) in the top left corner. From there, you'll find the new Health Connect card alongside a "set up" button.

During this process, Fitbit states that users will be able to sync their fitness data and have the choice to decide which stats carry over. The permissions page lets users select between active calories burned, basal body temperature, and basal metabolic rate statistics. Users can toggle any of these stats to carry over into the Fitbit app or  "allow all" to take everything.

Unfortunately, users only can track their combined health statistics on their Android phones. The publication notes that the Google Pixel Watch, Pixel Watch 2, Fitbit watches, and trackers only support Fitbit-based metrics.

To begin seeing your combined health stats on the "Today" tab, users must first hop into the "You" tab for a new "Records" section. In there, folks should find a settings page letting them decide whether the app should show Fitbit data only or a combination of Fitbit and Health Connect stats.

That settings page informs that users will see data from both parties, including information about steps, distance, energy burned, and more.

Fitbit's option to integrate users' Health Connect stats with its app is "slowly" appearing across Android devices. Users should give it some time or even the rest of the week before it appears widely.

Other news involving Fitbit includes the appearance of a new "Walk Mate" feature in its app code back in March. It was discovered that these personalized notifications would tailor themselves to fit the individual health needs of the user. The app's code seemingly spoiled the idea that Fitbit is designing these notifications for folks with an average of 8,000 steps a day or less.

Also, an updated Fitbit support page detailed the coming removal of third-party content for its devices for EU residents. Slated to occur in June, users in the EU will lose access to third-party clock faces and apps for a few of Fitbit's devices. Users have until the removal date to download and install any third-party content they'd like before disappearing for good, leaving behind Google and Fitbit-made apps only.

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