Carl Pei teases possibility of Nothing-exclusive features for its phones

The front of the Nothing phone (1)
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What you need to know

  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei teases the possibility of Nothing phone-exclusive features that only work with those respective devices.
  • Without additional information, users have started brainstorming possibilities such as Nothing's own AirDrop and other such features.
  • Nothing is preparing for a July launch of the Phone (2) alongside the reveal of its OS 2.0 software.

As we inch closer into the new world of Nothing, the company's CEO has teased the possibility of exclusivity for its phones. 

Nothing CEO Carl Pei tweeted that the London-based company is "thinking of developing features that only work between Nothing users" (via Android Authority). Pei proceeded to ask his followers whether or not they have friends or family to try out these exclusive features should they see the light of day.

The company's CEO didn't have anything further to elaborate on the subject. However, users quickly took the idea of such features and brainstormed what would entice them. One user questioned the possibility of Nothing's version of Apple's AirDrop for transferring files.

Carl Pei teases the possibility of Nothing's phones gaining exclusive features.

(Image credit: Carl Pei / Twitter)

Another user, @techstarsk, suggested features like screen share, audio share, live drawing, collaborative notes, and more that could work across Nothing's phones without installing a third-party app.

The idea of Nothing possibly working on exclusive features that only work between its phones gives us Apple vibes. Some users have already mentioned AirDrop, but as Android Authority mentioned, other apps such as Continuity Camera and Markup beneath Apple's belt which Nothing could try to use as inspiration.

On an Android note, Google notably rolls out Pixel-exclusive features (such as the June 2023 drop) to its long line of devices every few months. As other users have assumed on Twitter, this could give Nothing a chance to further differentiate itself from the plethora of Android devices we have to choose from.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei recently teased the company's OS 2.0 software coming with the launch of the Phone (2) — and soon after on the Phone (1). Other Nothing members got in on the fun and showcased the changes the company is looking to implement with its next software iteration. The photos also clued us into a small Phone (2) design change.

The next Nothing phone is preparing for a global launch, one that'll bring into competition with the iPhone in the U.S., which Pei has stated will take place in July. Furthermore, consumers may find two RAM/internal storage configurations of the device: an 8/256GB and a 12/512GB version.

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