Carl Pei teases Nothing Phone (2) launch and how it's taking on Apple

Nothing phone (1) review
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What you need to know

  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei states the Phone (2)'s battery will be 4,700mAh over its predecessor's 4,500mAh.
  • Pei also announced the Phone (2) will launch globally in July.
  • Nothing sees the U.S.-dominated Apple market as a good opportunity to bring a "fun and exciting" alternative to younger people.

Nothing has gained traction from its unique take on the Android OS and its brand of transparent devices. Forbes sat down with Nothing CEO Carl Pei as he discussed some Nothing Phone (2) details and how the company plans to challenge Apple once it launches in the U.S.

He reiterated that the Phone (2) will come equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform, something we only recently learned. Pei states that the chip's efficiency will further push the Phone (2)'s overall performance up by 80% over the previous launch. In regard to why not the recently launched powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, Pei stated it's because the SD 8+ Gen 1 is a "proven processor."

Throw in the fact that it has been "thoroughly tested and continuously optimized through numerous updates," Nothing is more comfortable with something tried and true.

Pei also announced during the interview that the Phone (2) will come with a larger battery compared to its predecessor, featuring a 4,700mAh battery over the Phone (1)'s 4,500mAh.

Carl Pei then spilled the beans and gave us a more exact timeframe to expect the Phone (2)'s launch. After hearing it would launch sometime during the summer, Pei stated the Phone (2) will see a global launch in July.

Holding up the Nothing phone (1) with its glyph lights illuminated in front of Govee Hex and Glide lights in the background

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A U.S. launch does mean Nothing will be entering, in Pei's words, "a very Apple dominated market." Although, Nothing will also have to compete with the best Android phones from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, and even OnePlus.

The Nothing Phone (1) did gain some heavy traction after its initial launch overseas, leaving users voicing their interest in a U.S. launch. Pei stated that with Nothing, the aim is to create "great products that feel special, different, and fun." The company reportedly sold around 750,000 Phone (1)'s, allegedly around half the amount the first iPhone sold.

Furthermore, Pei is interested in providing a "real exciting alternative out there right now, especially for the younger generation" in a market dominated by Apple's iPhone. The Nothing CEO cites the phone's transparent look as one that has inspired others to do the same. Take, for example, the recently launched Apple Beats Studio Buds Plus, which features a translucent design much like many of Nothing's earbuds.

Given the fact that the U.S. doesn't offer many exciting alternatives in a predominantly Apple-owned market, Pei does feel this presents a unique opportunity for the Phone (2) to do well, and perhaps he's onto something.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    Yeah, they aren't going to compete with Apple.
  • joeldf
    Yeah. Clear bodies won't sway the Apple faithful. It may look cool, but that's so 2022 now.
  • 2low_tech
    Mentioning apple obviously gets the headlines but Pei should be smart enough to know it's samsung he is competing with in the USA. If someone wants an iphone, they buy an iphone. If someone wants an android phone samsung is the default choice in the USA.
  • fuzzylumpkin
    2low_tech said:
    Mentioning apple obviously gets the headlines but Pei should be smart enough to know it's samsung he is competing with in the USA. If someone wants an iphone, they buy an iphone. If someone wants an android phone samsung is the default choice in the USA.
    I wouldn't say they can compete with Samsung, either. OnePlus and Motorola are Nothings competitors in the US. *Maybe* they will be able to compete with A series Samsung phones to a degree... but I don't think most normal folks are going to look at a Samsung and a Nothing next to one another and choose the Nothing.

    Pei also talked a bunchg of marketing nonsense about the SoC lol. Yeah, sure, you totally went with the 8.1+ rather than the 8.2 because it's "proven" and not because you don't have the pull or money to source the 8.2.
  • zloturtle
    They are not taking on Apple. If they want to take on Apple, they'll need a foldable phone.

    Everything from the name of the company to the extra expense of LED lights and their marketing is nonsensical. They need to target a specific user: runners, pilots, women, outdoors, underwater scuba divers, photographers, movie makers, teenagers, etc. Their phone's crappy camera and battery-wasting LEDs, lack of US support, USB 2.0 on the first phone makes most phone users want to stay clear of them.
  • mustang7757
    I don't think Android manufacturer should worry about Apple as they really haven't innovated a long time but make great products. Android manufacturer needs to concentrate on Android and it's devices and the rest will fall into place as both worlds are using 2 different operating system.