CMF by Nothing registers upcoming smartwatch and earbuds

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds review on red background
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What you need to know

  • CMF by Nothing's smartwatch and earbuds registration has been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • The listed manufacturer of its earbuds has previously created low-budget audio devices.
  • The devices design and specs are still unknown, however, CMF by Nothing is expected to launch its new products "later this year."

Days after Nothing's sub-brand announcement, new devices from within its kitchen have appeared in India for registration.

According to a post by Sudhanshu on X, CMF by Nothing has put forth its registration papers for a smartwatch and earbuds, which have apparently been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) (via GSMArena). The first listing details a device with model number B163 which is the designation for the brand's new "wireless earphones."

The second device, model number D395, is in reference to its smartwatch.

Aside from the listings and the BIS approval, there was nothing else to learn — such as design, possible specs, or the OS that will power the smartwatch. We're still left wondering if the sub-brand will continue the same transparent design trend — like the Ear (2) —that Nothing has become known for or not.

As GSMArena notes, cross-referencing the manufacturer listed alongside the new CMF by Nothing smartwatch shows that it's quite prominent in the headphone space, having built some units for various brands. However, further inspection shows that it has never created a smartwatch before.

Carl Pei announced the sub-brand CMF by Nothing last week, which has been designated to bring high-quality devices to more consumers. The brand will look to address the lack of interesting products in the "value section" of the technology industry.

Pei stated the brand will look to launch a smartwatch and buds "later this year." With the devices appearing in India for registration, this timeline may not be too far-fetched. It also remains to be seen just how low the prices of these new devices will be considering CMF by Nothing will not skimp on its quality for those not looking to spend the absolute most on devices.

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