Anyone can pilot Potensic's affordable D20 drone on sale for $20

Potensic's D20 Nano Quadcopter with HD Camera is a perfect pick for beginners. Along with a variety of helpful features, it's available at a seriously low price that makes it an affordable purchase for just about anyone. By clipping the coupon on its product page at Amazon and then entering promo code JO94CBAJ during checkout, you can grab one today for just $19.99. That's a savings of 50% off its current price and the lowest we've ever seen this drone reach; it's recently sold for as much as $50.

With features like Altitude Hold, speed adjustment, and one-key takeoff and landing, the D20 Quadcopter is easy enough for just about anyone to fly. Clip its on-page coupon and enter the following code at checkout to save 50% off its price at Amazon.

The D20 Nano Quadcopter is equipped with an HD camera so you can capture photos and videos while it's in flight. You'll be able to share footage to your phone and easily send to social media sites or your friends. With its adjustable speed, you'll be able to switch between three different speeds with the slowest mode being the best for beginners. As you become more proficient, you can increase its speed with a simple press of a button.

There are several other features to make flying easy even if you're a new drone pilot, such as One-key takeoff and landings. Taking off and landing your drone can be the hardest part, but thankfully the D20 has a button which will accomplish both tasks for you automatically. There's also a Headless mode which let you fly in any direction without worrying about which way the drone is currently facing. Meanwhile, Altitude Hold mode keeps the drone hovering in the same place so you can capture stable photos and video without needing to keep your hand on the controls.

Shipping at Amazon is free on orders totaling $25 or more, or with Amazon Prime, so you might want to add something else to your cart if you're not already a Prime member. This guide to the best power banks under $30 would be a good place to look so you can recharge your drone's battery while on-the-go.

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