Anker's USB Power Strip 2 is now more than 20% off at Amazon

For someone who never needs just one power outlet, Anker's USB Power Strip 2 could be the next essential accessory you add to your packing list. This compact power strip is fitted with two AC outlets and two USB charging ports so you can power up four devices simultaneously using just one wall outlet, and its USB ports even deliver an optimized charge based on what type of device is currently plugged in.

While the USB Power Strip 2 generally sells for $24 at Amazon, for a limited time you can pick one up on sale for just $18.99. This $5 price drop marks the lowest price it's reached since its release this past July.

Score more space to power up with Anker's USB Power Strip 2, featuring two high-powered USB charging ports, two AC outlets, and a slim power plug. Today's sale drops its price to the best we've seen on it yet.

Anker's USB Power Strip 2 will be one tech accessory you won't want to travel without, as it allows you to turn one wall outlet into four ways to charge. You can leave your bulky USB wall adapters that take forever to power you up at home. These two high-powered USB charging ports have a max 24W output and provide an optimized charge based on the device that's plugged in, while the AC outlets have a max 1250W output. There's no surge protection included which makes this power strip a viable option to bring along on a cruise, too.

Its power plug is designed to be slim enough to plug in behind furniture and other tight spaces, and there's even a non-slip base so the power strip won't slide around on your furniture while it's in use. Anker included a few safety precautions including a thick, rubber-coated power cable, fire-retardant casing, and internal safety shutter which prevents random objects from being stuck into the outlet's holes. You'll also receive an 18-month warranty with its purchase.

Alex Smith
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