The upcoming Amazon Prime price hike has our readers split

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Amazon Prime Box (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • We asked our readers if they were keeping their Prime subscriptions.
  • The responses were mostly split, with 35% saying yet, nearly 30% voting maybe, and 28% voting no.
  • Of the votes, 8% say they already canceled their subscriptions.

Prices are going up in many places, and Amazon is the latest to announce that it is following suit by increasing the price of its Prime subscription. For those that pay yearly, it will cost $139, while those that pay monthly will tack on an additional $2 for a 12-month cost of $180.

With this news, we asked our readers if they were keeping their subscriptions. Of the votes, 32% say that they think it's still worth it. However, 29% are unsure, and 28% don't think it's worth it. While 8% say they've already canceled the service, the votes indicate that our readers are split on whether Prime is worth it after the price increase.

Amazon Prime Price Hike Poll

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One reader, wyelkins, seems to think that it's worth it, particularly for the shipping benefits:

In my case it's worth it. Their shipping and logistics systems have greatly improved in the last year since they rely mainly on their own drivers. I live in the country and am disabled making driving difficult. In prior years I had numerous problems when they used other carriers. Now I rarely have a problem. And I do watch Prime Video occasionally too.

Another reader agrees, saying that it's a small price to pay for great services like Amazon Music, which remains one of the best music streaming services available:

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However, LightningGA is torn as they won't take full advantage of the service outside of shipping benefits:

Still up in the air on this one. We order a lot through Amazon and the included free 1-2 day shipping is definitely a big perk. But...we don't use Amazon music and don't watch much on Prime. We'll have to compare non Prime shipping options to see if it's worth it.

Meanwhile, jimmy hallmark doesn't think it's worth it and canceled their membership:

I cancelled it last night because it just isnt cost effective at this time. I will probably reinstate it around Prime day at least for a bit. I really dont realize any benifit from Prime Video because so many of the good programs cost extra anyway.

Keep in mind the price hike will occur on February 18 for new subscribers, but current subscribers won't see the increase until after March 25 on their next renewal date. That said, you may not see the increase for some time.

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