Amazon Echo gains support for alarm and timer functionality thanks to IFTTT

The Amazon Echo has been receiving a ton of new features lately, and the newest to come to the device are triggers for alarms and timers through IFTTT. With this, you can have your Echo do a specific task when an alarm goes off, or a timer ends. The new functionality is set up through the popular automation service, If This Then That (IFTTT) which allows you to set up specific recipes to accomplish these tasks.

For example, say you want to have your lights turn on after an alarm goes off. You would enable the recipe on your IFTTT account, and then set an alarm through voice command on the Echo. When the alarm goes off, your lights will automatically turn on as well.

In addition, Amazon has thrown in a few new commands for the upcoming Independence Day weekend, so you can ask Alexa to do things like play the Star-Spangled Banner, or read the Declaration of Independence. Keep in mind, the Amazon Echo is now available for everyone to purchase, so if you are intrigued by any of its new features go ahead and place your order.

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Jared DiPane
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