Alexa now lets you donate to charities by just using your voice

The list of functions you can perform with Amazon Alexa is neverending, and today the virtual assistant is starting to think outside itself. Thanks to a new feature called Alexa Donations, you can send money to your favorite charities and nonprofits by just using your voice.

Next time you feel like paying it forward, you can say "Alexa, make a donation" to have the assistant ask you where you'd like to send money to and how much. Along with this, you can also give a more specific command, such as "Alexa, donate $100 to St. Jude Children's Hospital."

There are 48 different charities and nonprofits to choose from at launch, including American Red Cross, UNICEF, Wikimedia Foundation, and others.

Donations are made using the preferred payment method you've got connected to Amazon Pay, and in regards to the foundations that are available, Amazon says that "the list will continue to grow."

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Alexa, donate to the NRA.
  • I second that
  • I third the motion.
  • It's a nice feature, donating should be something everyone does... but it's also a very worrisome one. It immediately made me think about zero-rated internet pages, and how it can influence peoples' choices. In theory, this could make foundation X get more money, despite it doing way less than foundation Y. Let's just hope my worries are not justified, and that they make it easy for charities to put themselves on this list.
  • I know some non profits use upwards of 100% to its cause but most, especially when donations are on the rise, give themselves huge paydays while 10 cents on the dollar go to its cause. I’m not saying don’t donate, just donate wisely by doing research ... not because it’s easier.