Akaso's Dual Dash Cam on sale for $26 records behind and ahead of your vehicle

Abask Dual Dash Cam
Abask Dual Dash Cam (Image credit: Abask)

You can never be too protective of your vehicle. With how expensive every little issue can become, it's important to have evidence of what happened if you're ever in a car accident — even a minor fender bender. The Abask 1080p HD Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera set makes things easy and is a bit more versatile than many other options on the market as it not only features the standard dash cam you stick to your windshield or dashboard, but also a tiny rear camera that will help with parking and reversing. While the set normally sells for up to $53 at Amazon, today you can pick yours up for just $26.49 by clipping the coupon on its product page and using promo code RXFS6DNA during checkout. That's quite a large discount of 50% off its current price, so we probably won't see it last for very long.

This dual dash cam comes with dual cameras with 1080p HD resolution. The rear camera is perfect when you're reversing your vehicle and need a better view of what's behind it. The front camera features a 170-degree wide-angle lens to capture multiple lanes of traffic all in one shot, along with a 4-inch IPS full display screen so that you can see what's been recorded as well as the view from your rear camera. There's also night vision, along with helpful features like Loop Recording and a built-in G Sensor. That forces your camera to begin recording if a sudden motion is detected while your car is parked, and it makes sure to lock the footage down so it's not accidentally overwritten by the Loop Recording feature. It has motion detection as well.

Abask includes an 18-month warranty with this dash cam's purchase, though you'll want to add a microSD card to your cart so you're prepared to save footage once you take it out on the road.

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