Additions to the Verizon roadmap leak

Last week we talked about the leaked upcoming Verizon roadmap, and it looks like Phone Arena got some info that wasn't mentioned the first go around.  Let's rectify that right now :)

  • Look for an entry level Android from Moto called the Citrus sometime in September (possibly the qwerty device mentioned in the first roadmap leak?)
  • The Samsung Fascinate supposedly will show up in October (and if true, that's still at least a month too late!)
  • Also in October, look for the Moto XT610, an entry level device sized like the Droid X
  • Again in October -- the Motorola A957 ( or Sick, or Droid Pro)
  • November may bring a pair of Android powered eReaders, and a pair of tablets -- one each from Motorola (MZ600 perhaps?) and Samsung, either of which could be running Android
  • And last but not least, the HTC Merge supposedly runs Android, has a 10 MP camera on board, and arrives in November as well

Some of this will probably pan out, some may be pure speculation, but it's all fun to talk about.  We'll keep you up to date as we find out details.  [PhoneArena]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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