Ad banner suggests Rogers Galaxy S III could feature new Exynos chip and LTE

Well then, what have we here? A Google ad for the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S III, which seems to indicate it'll carry Sammy's new Exynos 4 chip, in addition to 4G LTE connectivity? The screenshot above was sent our way by AC reader mhsobhani, who says it popped up while he was searching around for info on the Galaxy S III.  It's significant because we've been hearing over the past few weeks that the North American LTE version would ship with a Snapdragon S4 chip instead of Samsung's new Exynos 4 Quad, on account of radio issues.

Of course an ad banner is hardly conclusive, but if this turns out to be accurate, it could be good news for a possible AT&T Galaxy S III, as Rogers operates on the same HSPA and LTE bands as that network. Though it's worth clarifying that even if this does turn out to be the case, it's still possible that other U.S. Galaxy S III's could end up with the S4, particularly if they operate on CDMA and LTE.

In any case, the exact details of the North American Galaxy S III models remain uncertain, and much of this is still speculative. We'll keep you posted if any further details come our way.

Thanks, mhsobhani!

Alex Dobie
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  • Or it could be that the carriers don't even know anything about the upcoming device they signed on for and just want to lure people in early.
  • I'm pretty sure Rogers knows. Question is, do the marketing people who write those ads.
  • Exactly, how many times have we seen posts that are incorrect? Possibly over 1 million times. No exaggeration.
  • ^THIS is what I meant.
  • LOL, After the whole debacle of the SGS3 coming with 1080p Superamoled+ screen, quad core 5250 exynos chips, and then the reality and disappointment of it being announced which didn't live up to the hype. Lets go ahead and start some more rumors. lol
  • If you thought for a second a 1080p superamoled+ screen was even possible, then you have no one to blame but yourself for being disappointed. Samsung would have included a non-pentile AMOLED screen if they could, I'm sure. Either way, at 720p, im sure the screen is gorgeous regardless.
  • No I personally knew that wasn't gonna be the case, yet that didn't stop the thousands of comments on blogs about how this phone was about to change the world because of its 1080p screen and blah blah blah. Im just saying, they just might wanna slow down with the rumors especially since none of the previous 500 were true.
  • Those ads have also told us we can lose weight by tying a giant band around our stomach.
  • it seems to be a random buzz word generated ad. I did the same search on and I got the following ad: Ad related to Galaxy S III Why this ad? Samsung Galaxy S III - With Android Face Unlock Capability
    Register for Updates to Pre-Order.
    130 people +1'd Rogers Communications
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE™ - Samsung Galaxy Note - Contact Us
  • I'm in the digital ad industry, and after dealing with many fairly incompetent digital agencies, along with fairly ignorant people inside companies that hire them, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone from Rogers just didn't get the facts straight when they were working with their agency on what to put for their ad copy, or their agency themselves didn't get things straight when they developed the ad copy. It happens all the time and I'd say the most likely thing is just someone doesn't know what they're talking about.
  • It's most likely a mistake lol, I'm not going to take the ad man's word for it after all of the confirmations we've gotten of alternate chips and S4 versions. Still in the end it doesn't matter much, the S4 is a great chip and while we haven't benchmarked it against the exynos, the S4 beats the tegra 3 already, it's more advanced and is very battery efficient, something we sorely need in LTE phones.
    Can we put to bed the it needs to be quad-core myth? I'm not worried about the fan boy who wants to be to brag "it's quad-core", I'm interested in real performance. I have a S2 and while the Exynos is a good processor, it only barely beats my Rezound which has a S3 processor.
    The Exynos is overhyped. Personally I say bring on the S3 with the S4 cpu to Verizon, I'm more interested in the more efficient battery saving possibilities of the S4. If their is any performance difference it will almost definitely be negligible.
  • Same here. I prefer what's looking to be a much more efficient chip rather than some dumb epeen quad core mess that's not going to be of much value.
  • thank you movielover76, someone with some common sense and saneless.
  • I'd hate to see the battery life in that if you're using LTE regularly.
  • Samsung's really taking the smartphones to another level.
  • What am I missing here? All I remember about quad core phones not having lte is that Qualcomm won't give its LTE modems for use in Tegra 3 phones, by nVidia. What do Samsung's quads have anything to do with LTE now? As far as I'm aware they make their own LTE modems, like in the Galaxy Nexus as evidenced here on cNet. It really doesn't make sense, unless I've missed something.