Act fast — you don't want to miss out on the best smart scale for your New Years Resolutions needs

Eufy Smart Scale Hero
Eufy Smart Scale Hero (Image credit: Eufy)

We're a month away from the new year, which means that New Years Resolutions are sure to be a hot topic. Why not get a head start on the rush and the fun by snagging this great deal on the best smart scale? Anker is well-known for some great charging accessories, but its Eufy brand focuses more on your health and additional smart home accessories. And that's where the Eufy Smart Scale P1 comes into play.

There's really not all that much that the Smart Scale P1 can't do. Eufy has jam-packed this bad boy with more sensors than you can imagine, being capable of tracking up to 14 different metrics. Do you have a big household? Well, you're in luck there too, as the Smart Scale P1 is also capable of being able to track various metrics for up to 16 different users.

Those looking for an all-encompassing health and fitness ecosystem may be put off at first since this doesn't come from Fitbit or Withings. However, you're still in luck, as the P1 is compatible with many of the best services. This includes the likes of Google Fit, Fitbit, and even Apple Health.

Perhaps best of all, this smart scale is one of the most accurate on the market. There are two pairs of G-shaped sensors that provide and guarantee more precise measurements. The only major metric that cannot be tracked is for those who are pregnant. There is no dedicated pregnancy mode, and Eufy even states that pregnant women should not use the Smart Scale P1 to track metrics.

Cyber Monday deals are only going to last for a few more hours, so you better head over and snag this deal before it's gone. I mean, you really don't want to miss out on the best smart scale while it's discounted, do you?

Andrew Myrick
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