This APC battery backup deal brings you peace of mind and saves you $100

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Computers hate it when you yank the power and slam them off. Your game console can't save anything when it happens, either. Don't get me started on working from home during bad weather. All these problems go away when you grab this APC UPS from Amazon. It's on sale for Cyber Monday for just $199, which is 34% off the normal price.

You'll get 1,500VA / 900W capacity, six battery-powered outlets plus four others that are still surge-protected, protection for your LAN cables, and even co-ax protection because power surges don't discriminate. There are also two USB Type-A ports and one USB C port on the front for easy access.

Peace of mind

APC BR1500MS2 Uninterruptible Power Supply:$303.59$199.99 at Amazon

APC BR1500MS2 Uninterruptible Power Supply: $303.59 $199.99 at Amazon

This affordable small-form-factor UPS from APC will keep the delicate electronics safe and running when the power cuts out, giving you time to shut everything down the proper way.

Another notable feature, this is a sine-wave battery backup with automatic voltage regulation and is fully compatible with the active PFC power supplies many gaming PCs use. It even has a user-replaceable battery. 1500VA is enough to keep your PC or console and your router/modem running for a few minutes while you take the time to shut things down the right way. 

A UPS is a good investment and is an integral part of a modern PC or entertainment setup. And if you're looking to expand your smart home during Cyber Monday, don't overlook clean power.

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