This UPS is built for your inner gamer and it's on sale for Prime Day

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Amazon's two days of deals have kicked off and Prime Day deals are a go. One of the things I'm looking for this year is a new universal power supply (UPS) and surge protector, and I might have found the one. This APC UPS has some gamer flair and is on sale for $200, down from its $250 list price.

Protect your investment

APC Gaming UPS: $250 $200 at Amazon

APC Gaming UPS: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$250 $200 at Amazon

You don't have to be a gamer to need a good UPS. Protect your electronics and keep things from grinding to a halt when the power flickers with this affordable and powerful small-form-factor UPS from APC.

While marketed towards both PC and console gamers with ambient RGB lighting, it's still a regular UPS surge protector when it comes to function. You'll get 1,500VA / 900W capacity, six battery-powered outlets plus four others that are still surge-protected, protection for your LAN cables, and even co-ax protection because power surges don't discriminate. As a bonus, there are also two USB Type-A ports and one USB C port.

On the technical side, this is a sine-wave battery backup with automatic voltage regulation and is fully compatible with the active PFC power supplies many gaming PCs use. It even has a user-replaceable battery.

A UPS is a good investment and is an integral part of a modern PC or entertainment setup. Whether you're looking for the best PlayStation games or want to expand your smart home during Prime Day, don't overlook clean power.

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