Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro leaked images showcase them in action

Galaxy Buds 3 Pro real life images leak
(Image credit: Reddit user u/Plastic_Development1)

What you need to know

  • A new leak reveals Galaxy Buds 3 Pro real-life images, including the case.
  • The photos seem to confirm that the buds' new stem design is accompanied by a translucent charging case.
  • Meanwhile, there is yet another leak that showcases the standard Galaxy Buds 3's retail packaging.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Buds 3 Pro features a new design that significantly differs from the predecessor model, and the same applies to the standard Buds 3. While earlier leaks have confirmed this, new real-life images reaffirm the new design.

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will sport an all-new stem design, which is now evident in the real-life images shared by a Reddit user who claims to have already purchased them. Well-known leaker Ice Universe also shared the same set of images. Simultaneously, the Galaxy Buds 3 retail box is also spotted in another Instagram post (now deleted) (via GSMArena).

Firstly, the images shared by the Reddit user seem to be the real deal. They showcase the buds in a Metallic grey finish aided by a charging case with a similar finish and translucent design at the top.

While they still appear identical to Apple AirPods Pro 2, Samsung seems to have differentiated them with little changes like the dual-tone finish, blue and orange indicators for the left and right earbuds, and even the charging case complementing them.

Users who seem to have had their hands on the Buds 3 Pro managed to connect it to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and the connection seemed to have been smooth with the iPhone as well.

Until now, we have only seen marketing images and the Buds 3 Pro's design being spotted via Samsung apps. Regardless, these new images turned out to be quite substantial right before the Unpacked Event, scheduled for July 10 in Paris.

Galaxy Buds 3 retail packaging

(Image credit: via GSMArena)

Meanwhile, as mentioned, the Galaxy Buds 3 retail packaging confirms the new stem design, which is not limited to the Pro model. The new stem element is a significant change in terms of design for both buds. 

It should also mean we might likely be getting better controls and microphone quality, and new long-pressing actions are expected to control the music playback, activate noise cancellation, and much more.

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