Best wallet & folio cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 2023

The Galaxy S23 Plus is the middle child in Samsung's celebrated S23 series of flagship Android phones. Since the smartphone already has every imaginable thing within it, why not combine it with your wallet as well? Grab one of these wallet and folio cases to protect your S23+ and use it to store your cards and cash on the go.

Slick wallet and folio cases for your S23+

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Be clever, get a wallet case

While traditional wallet cases with folios are usually very chunky, there are some modern options that defy that stereotype these days. A decent wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S23+ can help you declutter and lead a minimal lifestyle. Carrying a bunch of things along with your phone is usually annoying, so the combined use of your phone as a wallet makes perfect sense.

Our favorite wallet case is the Spigen Slim Armor CS for the Galaxy S23 Plus. This robust case adds heavy-duty impact absorption. It can take a beating and it is useful too. You can store two credit cards in the back compartment and they stay safe and sound hidden in there.

If you want something made of leather, both TORRO and Snakehive are excellent options. Both cases are made of genuine leather, have plenty of slots, and have folios that double as kickstands in portrait orientation.

For an unusual design, go for the VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid. This stellar cover looks extremely slick and it comes with both a card compartment as well as a stand built into the back. It also touts military-grade drop protection, keeping your lovely S23+ intact even during the roughest of falls.

After you're done picking the right S23+ case, you should go shopping for screen protectors too. That gorgeous AMOLED display is precious, so you'd better safeguard it with all your might.

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