Best Spigen cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2024

Spigen makes some of the best phone cases in the world. No matter what phone you prefer, Spigen's got unique designs that are tested and loved by many. Aside from great regular cases, Spigen makes the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 S Pen case that's not made by Samsung.

But, given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, there's no shortage of cases to choose from, so we're highlighting a plethora of our favorites from Spigen that stand out from the crowd. Looking for the best Spigen cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4? Look no further.

Best Spigen cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Spigen Slim Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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These three cases cover a pretty wide gamut of ways to protect your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and they all do something totally unique. What interesting is that all of these cases feel nearly identical in the hand. They've got the same flat edges and curved corners, the same grippy texture, and the same lip height around the displays.

That makes them thin enough to feel comfortable to use on a daily basis but thick enough to protect your extremely expensive phone in case of an accident. It also means the lip around the display won't get in the way of gesture navigation which is a huge plus on a big folding phone.

Folks who just need great protection without adding much bulk should consider the Slim Armor Pro. It's one of the few cases that offers hinge protection yet, somehow, doesn't add a ton of bulk. Most cases that have hinge protection feel massive and end up taking up even more space in your pocket than the phone already does.

Plus, thanks to Spigen's great designs, it adds considerable grip to the all glass-and-metal build of the Fold 4 which, as you probably know by now, can be super slippery.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the Spigen Thin Fit P case on it

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The Spigen Thin Fit P is my favorite non-Samsung S Pen case and easily my favorite alternative S Pen storage design on the market. It puts the pen on the left side of the phone (when unfolded), providing a surprisingly great place to hold the phone when it's unfolded.

That's great for anyone who likes to read or take lots of notes on their Fold 4. While the S Pen slot does sit above the fingerprint sensor when the phone is folded, Spigen left a nice cutout around the buttons to prevent the pen from getting in the way of regular use.

And anyone who doesn't need or want an S Pen but still wants a better way of propping the phone up should grab a Spigen Neo Hybrid S case, instead. It swaps out the S Pen slot for an ingenious full-sized kickstand on the back.

That's a heck of a lot better than the flimsy little kickstands some other cases offer as it actually lets you tap and swipe on the display without the phone falling over.

No matter what you're looking for, though, Spigen's got a great set of cases for your favorite new phone.

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