Best MagSafe accessories for Android phones 2024

MagSafe is one of the most coveted features of iPhones that Android users long for. From wireless charging to add-ons like MagSafe wallets and stands, magnetically attaching something to the back of your phone has its uses. Apple may have branded the "MagSafe" moniker but that isn't stopping you from borrowing the idea.

You can add MagSafe compatibility to any Android phone by attaching an external magnetic ring to the back of your device. Some Android phone cases even come with MagSafe rings built-in, reducing the hassle on your part.

If you've gone down this rabbit hole and need Apple's MagSafe feature on your Android device, we've got your back. Check out these epic MagSafe accessories for all the best Android smartphones to scratch that itch. We've rounded up the best magnetic rings for non-MagSafe phones, followed by the best MagSafe-compatible accessories to pair the rings with. With Qi2 on the horizon, it makes sense to cash in on the MagSafe madness.

Adhesive MagSafe rings for Android phones

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Knock yourself out with these cool MagSafe accessories

Bring Apple's best feature to your Android phone

We've been hoping to see any of the best Android phone makers steal Apple's MagSafe feature for years now. While Samsung, Google, and other big players in the Android smartphone space haven't fulfilled our dreams just yet, accessory makers have stepped in to bridge the gap. So, while we wait for Qi2 to enter the mainstream, you can enjoy all of the best magnetic accessories with a MagSafe adapter.

With the help of a decent magnetic ring from reliable brands like ESR and Spigen, you can use any MagSafe accessory with your Android phone. It doesn't matter whether you've got a fancy device like the S24 Ultra or a cheap phone like the Pixel 7a; if you like it, you can put a ring on it.

There are so many amazing MagSafe add-ons available. Things like wallets, grips, stands, and mounts can be used without a second thought. Be careful with wireless chargers and wireless portable chargers, because most of them are made for iPhones and do not support Android's wireless charging protocols.

We love the PopSockets Phone Grip with MagSafe Adapter Ring because it comes with an Adapter Ring in the box. There are loads of amazing colors and designs available; we love to see it! And, of course, the tops are swappable with any other PopSockets PopGrip top.

For Qi wireless charging, we recommend Mophie's universal Snap+ 15W Wireless Charger. If you want something to power up your phone on the go, the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is an excellent choice for Android users. Mophie includes magnetic rings called Snap adapters with both products, which saves you the time, effort, and money to buy one separately.

MagSafe kickstands and wallets are a dime a dozen. ESR's HaloLock 5,000mAh Power Bank Wallet is an extremely versatile wallet that also acts as a kickstand and battery pack. If you're feeling particularly naughty, you can even grab Apple's own MagSafe leather wallet for your S24 Ultra or Pixel 8!

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