Best Anker power banks 2024

As powerful as our modern-day smart devices are, they still need power in order to work their magic, and almost all of them require charging at least once a day. Now, since it's not always possible to be near a wall outlet, it's essential to have some kind of backup power at all times. This is where power banks come into the picture. While there are many brands out there, we particularly like the range offered by Anker. Here are some of the best Anker power banks that'll help you in keeping everything from your smartphones to your laptops fully juiced up, anytime and anywhere.

Check out the best Anker power banks you can get

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Anker lets you keep all your smart devices charged

When it comes to backup power solutions, Anker is a name that needs no introduction. Whether you want to charge some of the best Android smartphones or a laptop like the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, you can surely find something you'd love among these best Anker power banks available out there.

Our top vote goes to the PowerCore III, which offers everything from both USB-C and USB-A ports to a built-in stand. Not just that, it supports wireless charging and is one of the best Qi wireless portable chargers and power banks in the market. We also love the 511, which gives you a 5,000mAh battery backup in a design that lets you stash it anywhere. Anker's 733 is ideal for those who are always on their devices and offers 65W of output despite its small size, thanks to GanPrime technology. Do take a look at Anker 525 as well, which gives you 20,000mAh of backup power, 20W USB-C and 18W USB-A charging, and more at a very reasonable price.

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