Save $50 on Beats Studio Buds, our favorite wireless earbuds for comfort

Beats Studio Buds
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When you're choosing wireless earbuds, a solid seal and cushy fit are just as important as the sound quality. You won't care about powerful sound or EQ features if your buds stretch your eardrums or keep falling out. Thankfully, the Beats Studio Buds don't compromise on either comfort or audio, and they're 33% off courtesy of this early Black Friday deal.

We included the Beats Studio Buds on our list of the best wireless earbuds because they're much smaller than most other Beats earbuds, giving a more balanced sound than the other bass-heavy Beats with superior mids and highs. And they're extremely comfortable with a tight seal for good passive noise cancellation — plus the option for Active Noise Cancellation. 

Because Beats is Apple-owned, it gives iPhone owners hands-free Siri support. But these earbuds also work surprisingly well for Android users too, with quick pairing to your Android phone, an Android app, and Google Assistant support. The earbuds last eight hours per charge, and the charging case adds an additional 24 hours of battery life. And with IPX4 splash resistance, these earbuds should handle sweat and rain if you plan to use them for workouts.

Snagging the Beats Studio Buds for $50 off is a great deal, and you can always return them if it turns out Beats sells them at an even lower price on Black Friday itself.


Beats Studio Buds: were $150 now $99.99 at Amazon | Best Buy

These wireless earbuds come in five colors and will work seamlessly with both iOS and Android phones. ANC or transparency modes will let you block out or hear your surroundings, and you can connect with either Siri or Google Assistant or take phone calls easily. These earbuds don't have some smarts like wireless charging or auto-pause/play, but for pure sound, these are a solid choice, especially at this price. 

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