A $10 Echo Flex smart speaker and Sengled bulb bundle is a no-brainer buy this Christmas

Echo Flex Hero
Echo Flex Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Are you tired of yelling towards the living room to tell Alexa to turn on your lights, or any of the other cool things Alexa can do for you? If so, you're going to love this holiday deal on the Echo Flex, a tiny Alexa that plugs into any outlet and can put your personal assistant in any room.

It's bundled with a Sengled smart bulb for just $10 right now meaning you're getting the diminutive smart speaker at a $15 discount plus a smart bulb worth $10 at no extra cost.

This tiny smart speaker plugs right into an AC outlet in your home so you can speak with Alexa, stream music, control compatible smart home devices using only your voice, and more. It's $15 off and you get a free smart bulb worth $10 for free.

Smart assistants are pretty awesome, especially if you've added other connected gear like smart lights or smart cameras to your house. Amazon makes some of the best of them with its Echo brand, and you'll find them in millions of homes across the globe.

Another hallmark of the Echo brand is how good the speakers sound. It's pretty easy to fill a room with your favorite tunes by asking Alexa to stream some music. But sometimes, you just need the assistant part and can live without the music part (and the higher price tag). That's where the Echo Flex comes in to save the day.

These little gadgets plug straight into the wall like a phone charger and are the real deal when it comes to making Alexa work for you. There's even a privacy switch that lets you shut the microphone off whenever you don't need Alexa's help. They're perfect for places like the garage or workshop, or any space you want Alexa in but don't need the music.

The included Sengled bulb can be turned on or off, or dimmed, via Alexa and you can also set up routines, schedules, and more using Amazon Alexa app. It even has an away mode that's great for having lights turn on or off throughout the day even when you're out of town.

One neat feature of Sengled's bulbs is Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh 5.0 wireless tech that allows for further reach throughout your home. That means even if a bulb is out of reach from the Alexa Echo device, it can still be controlled because of the mesh network.

Since you're saving $25 with this bundle on the Flex, you can also pick up accessories that plug right into the Flex, like a clock or a night light, or a motion sensor. Whether you just want to get started with your smart home or have a room or two that needs some Alexa inside of it, now is the perfect time to buy.

Adam Oram
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