Win Phil's Nexus One

No, folks, we weren't kidding when I said I was giving away my original Nexus One. And to prove it, we're giving you a sneak peak at the first batch of contest entries. (And, no, there's nothing wrong with it, and I don't know about any super secret Nexus One that's coming out.)

Oh, so now you want to enter? OK. Go here and read up on the particulars. You have until the end of the month to get your entry to me, and you guys and gals get to vote once come May. Check out the first batch after the break.

First up is Mario ...

And now Christopher ...

Next is Carlos from Guatemala...

Samat from Kyrgyzstan

And, finally, Andrew

That's it for the first batch. Again, YOU ARE NOT VOTING YET. This is just to whet your appetite. Send us your entry by the end of April to enter to win my Nexus One!


Reader comments

Win Phil's Nexus One: First batch of entries for your perusal


@Austin lol! I agree with everyone Samat seems nice but I had a Blackberry Storm 1 for a while and I have pity for Andrew. That thing really blows!


LOL.... a vote for me?... not really, :-P (cuak)...

I have an Alcatel OT-S520 wish to have an android phone (anyone).

but thinking on the posibility of me having a Nexus One....
I was assaulted many times past year and they took of me many of my cheap cellphones. It would hurt me a lot if they take of me a Nexus...
Is not the time for me to have a Nexus, or at least first I need a car.
Travelling by bus in my country is very dangerous >>> (read how many deaths).

I want to remove me from the contest and give my vote to Samat. If I'm going to have a Nexus first I need to change my transportation. (dont want to "Donate" a Nexus to a thief if I win).

A vote for Samat!

All things considered, Samat is the most deserving on many levels. Christopher should be ashamed of himself breaking the one he had and asking for another one. I liked Andrew's presentation, but Samat get's my vote.

Andrew if verizon has to give you three phone replacements then you get a free upgrade so why not just go get a droid cuz nexus isn't even on verizon so you would have to switch to t-mobile or I guess his phone is unlocked but yeah you think about the droid I think anyone but the mario he has a perfectly good iphone. Got my 2.1 two days ago love it only thing is my battery sucks now and I don't use live wallpapers ?

They told me that they do that on a CASE BY CASE basis lol. They told me to talk to them when I'm on my 5th. No joke. I would switch to Tmo. The Droid is nice but the Nexus is just sooooo pretty and that Snapdragon is sooo fast. I desperately want it lol.

Hello Everybody! I'm Samat. Thanks for voting! I really hope to get the N1. By the way it took me 20 minustes to upload 15 MB video at speed 64 Kbit/s.

Thanks. I have about 10 chickens, it was sunny there so they were hiding. Fresh egg every day!

Samat should win the Nexus One! He now has to go feed the chickens!
He deserves it!!! A hardworking guy, who wants N1 and Android!
Cmon Phil....Samat....should win!

Anyone feel like Samat maybe posting in support of himself? I second jimmy though. Why does he need an N1 when he can't get highspeed web? Also if he's such a poor working class guy where'd he get the HD cam to film his video? I think we're getting played here folks.

Dear Anonymous friend!
Did you also submit your video? You think you might have less chance?
Camera is my friends, if you dont believe me I can give his email and facebook!

Carlos gets my vote. I agree that Sam will only benifit as having a expensive toy. Christopher will only break it. Mario seems to be a whiner about working in what looks to be a bank. And Andrew... Dude I had the Storm 1. It wasn't all that bad. Besides, if you have the Storm 1 isn't your contract up soon to upgrade?

Anonymous -

The Storm 1 is bad if you have more than like 1 or 2 apps on it at a time. There's freezing, crashing, and the occasional burning. It seems like you all love Samat and while he seems like a nice guy I think you all should know..... I am too! Anyway thanks for watching my video! Good luck to everyone!


i think Mario deserves the nexus 1... who uses i phones anymore and i think they're way overrated. it was funny when he took it out he should of slammed it on the floor while he was at it.

I though phil said be creative ?
Honestly I vote none of the above !
If your trying to earn a $500.00 phone earn it !