Motorola has four new versions of the XYBOARD tablet up for preorder. They've dropped the cellular radios as thus the Verizon "Droid" branding as well, and they've shed a few bucks, too. There are 10.1- and 8.2-inch versions, of course. And other than also shedding some Verizon apps, it looks like we're pretty much looking at the same devices here. Pricing is as follows:

  • XYBOARD 10.1 32GB: $599.99
  • XYBOARD 10.1 16GB: $499.99
  • XYBOARD 8.2 32GB: $499.99
  • XYBOARD 8.2 16GB: $399.99

Across the board, that's actually $20 less than what they're going for on Verizon, though you're saving hundreds in monthly charges by going wifi-only. Moto's got them shipping the week of Jan. 18. Hit the link below to preorder.

Preorder: Motorola; thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Animus_3.0 says:

*sigh quad core*

crxssi says:

Quad core on a phone or tablet is not really useful for much except maybe a few, specially designed, extreme games. Dual is just fine for the for most everyone. I, personally, would MUCH rather have fewer faster cores than more slower ones.

But the bigger issue is the price. I don't understand why the 32GB WiFi Xoom can be originally overpriced at $600, then Motorola came to their senses and dropped it to $500, which was/is competitive with EVERYTHING. Then they come out with its replacement (32GB WiFi XyBoard) and price it exactly for what the Xoom originally was. Didn't they learn anything the last time????

XYBOARD 10.1 32GB should be $500
XYBOARD 10.1 16GB should be $400

Balthazar B says:

The hardware is really pretty nice, but locked down. :(

PGiovanni says:

Am I missing something? This seems way overpriced

"XYBOARD 10.1 32GB: $599.99"

When a 32GB Transformer Prime costs $100 less and has a quad core 1.3GHZ CPU, and this one only has a 1.5GHZ dual core just for starters.

rew001 says:

You're not missing anything. I've been wondering the same thing myself.

jtcarnes says:

BUT... BUT.. BUT... It's 1.5 and the Prime is only 1.3!!! It's got more GHZs!!! OMGWTF is wrong with youuuuuuuu?

(waiting for my Prime to be delivered)

crxssi says:

Fewer, faster processors is actually much better for most uses, compared to more, slower processors.

Of course, you can't just compare the CPU Hz from one chip to another and assume the faster number is, in reality, faster performance.

Lyanheart says:

Where are you getting a Prime for $499? Every place I've seen is over $600.

PGiovanni says:

Everywhere just gotta wait with a preorder, those are the people who bought them got them early and are jacking up the price... The 64gb is $599

jtcarnes says:

I ordered mine from BestBuy online on Thursday. You just have to keep looking... If you're persistent, you can find one for retail.

ldburroughs says:

Xydoomed due to pricing. A shame, ultimately.

metacuate says:

Not to mention the prime is sexier. The thank you for your purchase letter told me so.

SamTime says:

How does this pricing make any sense? How did anyone at Motorola not ask the simple question: Why would any purchase the dual-core Xyboard at $500 over the quad-core Transformer Prime also at $500 which by the way is getting ICS beginning January 12. Price your crap more competitively. This is the same kind of buffoonery that took place when they release the Xoom for the same price as the iPad 2 that followed it up just shortly after.

Heads need to roll at Motorola. I'm looking at you, Sanjay.

greenlink says:

well there goes support for the original xoom, right out the window (as if there was any to begin with)

never again moto, never again