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When you think of Android, the two main companies for the hardware that come to mind are Motorola and HTC. Well, those of you on AT&T that have been anxiously checking for upcoming Android devices know that the HTC selection is rather well, nonexistent, at least officially. AT&T is now showing an HTC logo in its Android section, so what does this mean for us? Could we see some more HTC devices coming to AT&T in the coming months? Possibly the Legend, which just passed the FCC with AT&T's 3G bands? Be sure to check the site for details, and sign up for email updates on these! [via AT&T]


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What might HTC be bringing to AT&T?


Try not to blame HTC and blame AT&T for having horrible service in the first place. Its funny but VZW has no problems with HTC, in fact VZW and SPRINT are both lucky that HTC has made phones for them both as good as they are. Oh and a crippled phone for AT&T that you say they make. The NEXUS ONE is made by HTC and there are no problems with that device.

Yes, but AT&T refused to sell it on-contract. Thankfully, they use GSM, so they can't lock the Nexus One off of their network entirely. Verizon, however...

Screenshot saved for the day 2.2 comes out for the N1 and everyone goes batsh*t about updates, and starts cursing Verizon, HTC, and everything else under the sun :)

Regardless of which phone is 'better' (personal preference) the N1 will still get updated long before all other android devices. This may not be as big a deal if Froyo truly decouples the majority of fragmented pieces but still...

Actually I'm a recent iPhone to Android user and I'm using the Nexus One on AT&T and before with the iPhone I was constantly complaining. Now I can't believe how fast AT&T and the N1 work.

It is quite shocking considering how much I complained about my iPhone.

I'm using the ATT 3G nexus one and I have not had one dropped call in the five months I've owned it. ATT rocks where I live. Fast as hell. 3.50 up and 1.28 down. you guys complaining about ATT should have done your homework before choosing a provider because if are having that many issues, you chose wrong.

I personally can't wait to ditch my BB9700. I agree that ATT is late to the game with bringing Android powered phones to its line up. How ever, it seems like all there is on this site is ATT bashing for the one phone they put out and crippled ('s hackable) and just ATT bashing in general. So I've dedicated my user name to bash your favorite network.

I live in Los Angeles and have no problems with ATT at all. Where ever I do not have service (no signal) that goes the same for all the other carries including the one you all like to suck off and celebrate. I blame the iPhone for screwing up the 3G services on ATT. I can't wait for it to actually go to Verizon and screw that network to high heaven.

ATT...bring on the Legend and shut the mouths of all the VZW FAN BOYS.

The HTC logo has been on that Android page for months, since it first went up. (What hasn't been on that page is the Samsung logo, even though we saw the AT&T-friendly Galaxy S go through the FCC.)

The press release in January said it would be getting a Motorola unique form factor, and an AT&T Exclusive (Backflip). And Dell's first US Smartphone, an AT&T Exclusive (Aero). And an HTC phone that will also be an AT&T Exclusive. I'm pretty sure by "AT&T Exclusive" they're only talking about the US, based on the Aero being in China and Backflip being outside the US also.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this phone will be the first HTC to come to AT&T (at least according to my local Best Buy salesperson):

They claim it's "basically an upgraded Tilt with Android".

Ive had my AT&T N1 3G for right at a month now after switching from the iPhone 3G. Im running the same SIM card and iPhone data plan. With the iPhone I was dropping calls and data service daily. With the N1 I've only dropped two calls but that was because of being in the foothills where all service providers have problems providing service. I'm pointing the finger at Apple/iPhone.

i was actually wandering if any other phone user on att having drop call issue? because it almost seems as of only the iphone user are the only one having problems, i wander if any body questions the apple and the iphone itself?

HTC Desire, Dell Streak and a bunch of other great Android powered devices. PLEASE. I need to switch ASAP.
ATT has a great network in South Florida, I have had great service for over a decade during which time I've used work provided phones on Sprint, VZW and TMo. ATT has been the best with coverage and data throughput in my experience holding phones side by side on many occasions for comparison.