Motorola Xoom LTE

It may be on the slow track, but the Xoom LTE is set to receive Jelly Bean nearly a year after its ICS update

As it tends to do shortly before releasing an official update, Motorola is sending out "soak test" invitations to owners of the Verizon Xoom LTE for an impending Jelly Bean update. The soak test is usually the final line of testing with a slightly wider number of users before an update is pushed out for general availability. While it doesn't guarantee an immediate release to everyone, it's a pretty good sign. The soak test invite refers to "Jelly Bean" nondescriptly, but we have to assume this will just be a bump to Android 4.1 rather than 4.2. 

We're not going to shun an update of any kind though, as a jump to Jelly Bean brings a whole bunch of welcomed improvements. If you're part of the Motorola Feedback Network, be sure to check your email and see if you've received an invite as well. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the official update to be hitting devices sooner rather than later.

Thanks, Dave!

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Verizon Motorola Xoom owners receiving Jelly Bean soak test invites


As a European Xoom 3G user, I hope we get this. It sucks that USA always gets the updates like 6months before us. You'd think correcting the language and adjusting APNs from a US Rom wouldn't take that long...

Haven't received a soak test invite for this one. Received one for every previous test. What a joke that they're rolling this out 10 months after the update for the Wifi version. I dropped my data plan through VZW over a year ago and won't ever do business with them again, nor will I be buying a tablet tied to a carrier. Just not worth it.

Thanks for the information.

Having spent all that $$ getting reamed by marketers and verizon, my life on the tablet edge 2.5 years ago was a perceived bust. I still have my xoom, still use it daily and really enjoy the product. It was oversold and under delivered...but someone had to go all in to the tablet universe.

Then...there was probably five products to choose hundreds. Us zoom early adopters blazed the path for the current non-apple tablet success, and for that I'm happy. My 7" inch Samsung tablet is the right size to include a phone radio for use with bluetooth - so I'll wait for that and settle in...with the right tools for fun and work.

My Xoom LTE served me well until I discovered it didn't drink Diet Coke.. :( Pleased to see this amazing tablet still getting the upgrade-love! I have a Nexus 10 now, but still look back fondly on my Xoom.

I'm excited. My Xoom is a tank. It works and works and works. I know the update is late, but I love my Xoom. It should only get better with JB.

Jelly bean is never coming to the Xoom via Verizon. Verizon stopped selling and supporting the Motorola Xoom a year ago. My friend works in tech support at Verizon, There isn't anything coming for the Xoom from Verizon EVER! Verizon only sells and supports the Samsung Tablets now.