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The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, an upcoming device from Samsung, brings both style and innovation and meshes it perfectly with an awesome Android experience. Whether you are a previous Sidekick user or just simply a T-Mobile user who is in need of a device with a physical QWERTY that will allow for excellent messaging, this device is definitely one you will want to check out.

We have spent the past few hours getting to know the device quite well, checking out all the various options, and playing with the applications, so join us after the break to take a deeper look into this device.

This device is a first of its kind, and if you are an experienced Android user it may comes as a bit of a shock when you first pick it up. It is built extremely solid, the sliding mechanism appears to be very firm and does not appear to be able to just slide open without effort. The back of the device is covered with a single piece battery door, which is plastic and has a rubberized style cover over it, with cut outs for the speaker and camera. The keyboard has a slightly rubberized feel to it, and is surrounded by a brushed metallic back plate, providing great contrast and making it easy to view and use. The keys of the keyboard are all separated, making them extremely easy to be used, especially by those with larger fingers.

Sidekick KeyboardSidekick-Back 

Under the hood of the device you will find a 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor powering a 3.5-inch display running Android 2.2.1. Samsung has added another custom launcher to this device, a bit different then the Touchwiz we are used to, but it brings with it some great style, along with maximum functionality from any of the seven home screens. Switching between the screens is rather fluent, and with a quick access bar at the top users can click any of the seven slots to move directly to that screen.


In addition to the new launcher, the device brings a couple other new features which are both practical, and fun to have. For example, the device offers cloud texting, a free service which is signed up for and will allow users to then read and respond to their text messages from anything with a web browser or their device. In addition to this users can custom define their LED color for SMS/MMS, Emails, Calls, and for while the device is charging.


Having custom LED colors by activity will allow users to easily identify what is going on with their device, without having to wake the screen to check. Samsung has built in the capability to change up the themes of the device, which is definitely not what you are thinking initially, but a great feature none the less. Changing the themes on the device will change the color of the backdrop for the launcher, as well as the selector that identifies which screen you are on. Another notable thing that sets this device apart from the others is the lock screen, and the dual direction unlock, each of which can perform a different action when used. Swiping down will unlock the device as usual, but users can define the action that is performed upon unlocking the device.

Unlock ScreenThemes

While we are only a few hours into playing with the device, and there is still much more to be explored, it is safe to say that this device is going to appeal to many users. With the various levels of customization Samsung has added to this device, along with the Android experience we are used to, shaken a bit by the Sidekick flavor, the device all meshes very well, and sits nicely in the hand. Be sure to keep your eyes on the site for a full review and more to come.

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T-Mobile Sidekick 4G hands-on


Does the GPS work properly and does it use the EXT4 filesystem?

This device looks awesome, regardless. I know its not TouchWiz but it pains me to think that Samsung may have gotten their fingers in unseen places where they shouldn't have.

Nice device for teens. I'm glad they reinvented it, those were huge when I was in highschool. And I'm really surprised at how fluid the UI seems to be considering it's pretty heavily skinned. I mean, hell, touchwiz on the fascinate didn't seem that smooth when I played with it at the store.

T-Mo has a serious crop of Android phones to fit every budget.

I don't know of any teens that would prefer that device to an entry level android phone. Its just different, but not better in any way.

I think they are playing on the name. The name, of course, means nothing to the teen market any more, and those who actually remember sidekick as a viable platform have moved on to something better.

Unless they just about give them away, I don't see this gaining traction.

as a soon to gradute high schooler, ive seen the transitions from Sidekicks(i used to have one) and they were everywhere, every kid had one. Now all the teens moved on to Balckberries, which i find kinda lame. i went ahead and got me an android, best choice.

Lately I find the videos on Android Central so hard to watch. For one the into music intro sounds like something that would be used in obese bumble bee pornography. Once it gets going it's okay, but the first few seconds usually cause me to close the video or stop the podcast even. Secondly, no offense but is the guy whose doing the videos autistic? He sounds like a special kid reading a script and he seems to be saying the same repeated catch phrases to the extent that when/if I do somehow get through the bumble bee porno music I find myself thinking it's skipping back and repeating segments. You guys updated the logo isn't it about time to update the audio as well?

Are you serious with this guy, get a glass of water and stop smacking your lips like a goon, i couldn't listen to your review it was disgusting. What's with the voice inflection are you mocking the phone or is it some bad accent i have never heard that make you sound like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure?

Please don't ever do a video again. No offense, but you sound boring as hell. If you want people to watch your videos, you can't be monotone. You may not be excited about the device, but some people (your audience...) could be. I couldn't even finish the video.