T-Mobile's fourth quarter and year-end results came in today with losses but also a few victories

T-Mobile's Q4 financial results are in, and they're about what you'd expect given their recent strategies of giving away tablet data, removing device subsidies and their corresponding contracts, paying termination fees from competitors, wacky marketing campaigns, and free international data roaming. They lost money over the quarter, but gained subscribers. They're up to 46.7 million customers, which is up 1.65 million from last quarter, and quarterly revenue was up to $6.8 billion, which is a $39% increase year-over-year. Still, this resulted in a net loss of $20 million for the quarter due to the aforementioned costs.

It takes money to make money, as they say, and in that light, these losses may seem worthwhile in the long run. How many of you guys are T-Mobile customers? How many of you have switched over in the last couple of months? Do the changes they're making in wireleess merit all the marketing attitude? Highlights from the quarter and full-year results are below.

Source: T-Mobile

Fourth Quarter 2013 Highlights:

  • Total net customer additions of more than 1.6 million
  • 981,000 total branded net customer additions with 869,000 branded postpaid net additions, representing the best branded postpaid performance since the fourth quarter of 2005
  • Improving branded postpaid phone net additions of 800,000 and 69,000 mobile broadband net additions
  • Accelerating branded prepaid customer growth with 112,000 net customer additions
  • Continued low branded postpaid churn of 1.7%, flat quarter-over-quarter and down 80 basis points year-over-year, resulting in the best quarter of year-over-year churn reduction in 2013
  • Delivered third consecutive quarter of sequential service revenue growth
  • Strong Adjusted EBITDA of $1.239 billion and Adjusted EBITDA margin of 24% combined with significant customer growth
  • Successful modernization program delivers nationwide 4G LTE network coverage to 209 million people in 273 metro areas

Full Year 2013 Highlights:

  • Total net customer additions of more than 4.4 million on a pro forma combined basis
  • 2.4 million total branded net customer additions including 2 million branded postpaid and 359,000 branded prepaid customers on a pro forma combined basis
  • Branded postpaid churn of 1.7%, down 70 basis points year-over-year
  • Adjusted EBITDA of $5.317 billion and Adjusted EBITDA margin of 26% on a pro forma combined basis
  • Successful introduction and execution of major Un-carrier initiatives
  • Rapid progress with the integration of MetroPCS by expanding the brand into 30 additional markets
  • Currently 3.5 million MetroPCS customers on the T-Mobile network
  • Met or exceeded all company guidance targets for 2013

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T-Mobile reports $20 million Q4 net loss, but adds 1.65 million customers


Since I came to Tmobile in June 2012 from Verizon it's been grand.

My three lines are doing just fine and will be adding 2 more lines in October..

At the end of the day Tmobile has had a wonderful 18 months.

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You're an idiot. You don't "add a line" for the Galaxy Gear (any iteration). And you also don't "add a line" for every time you upgrade to a new phone on the same carrier. By that logic, I'd have over 5 lines on Sprint for the 8 years I've been with them. You really should learn what you're speaking about *before* you speak about it.

I am one who switched in January after being with Verizon Wireless since 2001. While coverage is spotty in certain areas, I am getting more in areas where Verizon was weak. The pricing and feature set especially for international callers/data usage can't be beat. Overall, I'm a happy customer.

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Me as well.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

We also moved 4 lines over in January from Verizon Wireless - customer since 2000. I have experience the same thing, spotty in some areas, but beats VZW in other areas. Overall very close coverage for about half the price.

Same here. Close to a 10 year, four line family plan on Verizon, but switched after the past 2 years of them cutting features at the same time they were raising prices. That and their incomprehensible billing methods that I have to believe are designed to be so confusing that people just give up trying to understand.

Finally had enough and switched to T-Mobile about 6 months ago. Spotty coverage in some areas, but better coverage at home, and about $60 less per month for considerably more services - unlimited talk/text and four phones with data as opposed to just two on Verizon.

Verizon just became arrogant, and there's little I hate more than arrogance.

I remember when I first switched from Verizon in November of 2012: I had been with Verizon, since I was 15 years old.

I accidentally made a change to my plan, Verizon wouldn't give me back my unlimited data, and the rest is history.

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I have been with VZW since 2001 and this year I switched. My family will never switch ( don't ask)

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I won't ask, lol.

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Switched from Verizon as soon as they offered to pay my ETF. Haven't looked back. I've gone all over the west coast with Verizon and not once did I get even close to half the speed I get on T-Mobile.

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thats what happens when you can't make money off of plans and you offer folks money that you don't have to leave their carriers to come to yours which is not better. dude needs to quit acting like he is in high school and run the company as a real CEO would its about making money not gonna always make consumers happy its median that needs to be met and they have gone off the ledge. I kinda think they did the whole uncarrier act so that they could loose money qtr after qtr with the hopes of a merger even though they talk a big game they can't hang with the real big two. Tmob the ZTE of carriers. And before the fanboys come i do use them for my hotspot services and yes it sucks we went on vacation to san antonio and boom no reception on the river walk so no tablet streaming for the kids. meanwhile our att and verizon phones were having no issues. Some put this crap carrier out of their misery they are begging for a take over and the DOJ will not let it happen because they think they are making a difference when they are not just a guy selling wolf tickets that acts like a CEO but is most likely a puppet with no power geesh.

From the looks of it here, it looks like your the only one that had an issue with them. But like it's been said before, if it doesn't work for you then don't get them. I had Sprint for 12+ years and they were great when it came to coverage and no dropped calls but their data took a nose dive in last 2 years. Switched my wife over to T-Mobile, had to tether my Sprint phone to her phone to get good data. That's when I switched over to T-Mobile about 4 months ago. Love it so far. Went on several road trips, hit a dead spot here and there but nothing major. Over 90% of the time I get over 15mbps. At work I'm getting 22mbps constantly, my co-workers s4 on AT&T doesn't go over 5mbps on lte. It's all based on what works for you.

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Why the hate for T-Mobile? They are creating a pro consumer environment. Are you not a consumer?

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Don't understand all the hate for T-Mobile. If you want to stay with your carrier, stay with them! What a jerk post!

I don't see hate I see people concerned about company love and the fact is T Mobile is losing money and how can the other companies lose customers and make a profit and T Mobile can gain customers I lose money

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Acquiring customer's always cost money. Once you have them for a while than you generate revenue from them. It's a balancing game

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I'm not sure you understand books. I own three companies and I make a great loving but also show a loss. Its simple tax is a game of who moves money better. Paying ETF is a cost of goods sold catagory and always shows a short term loss but is a write off and makes the company less valuable however the money you recoop in service is like rent income if you don't post it. It didn't exist there fore you on paper loose money that was never there. And all that is legal if you don't right.

gifting awesomness note 3 style


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R. I. P. English...

We hardly knew ye...

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I find it hard to read criticism of anyone seriously when it's done without capitalization, spelling, punctuation, or coherent thought. Sorry.

Have you heard of short term loss, long term gain? It takes a LOT to get a customer to switch services. Most of these customers will stick with T-Mobile. T-Mobile has a nice future ahead of them. They have a forward thinking CEO.

I switched from Sprint to TMo before they started the simple choice plans and they have just gotten better and better every year. I finally switched over to the simple choice this month and now I am paying even less for more. Plus I walked out with a Note 3 for $50 , and even with the eip my total cost is lower than anyone else around. Coverage is excellent, and they just fired up the LTE here. Very happy with TMo right now!

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I've been with them since '05 -- I had a contract that wasn't due to be up until June of this year, and when I walked into their store in Sept. of last year to get a micro-SIM for my N4, they practically "forced" me to go to Simple-Choice with no ETF, no contract, and $20/mo less for the same unlimited service... all I had to do was say "OK". I mean, how easy is that?

Samsung's 4th qtr profits declined. T-Mo had a 4th qtr loss. Someone needs to check on Richard Yarrell and make sure he didn't lock himself in the garage with the car running

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I switched my wife and I to Tmo back in Oct and haven't looked back. Very happy with Tmo service and data speeds

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My wife and I also made the switch from Verizon (her Dec 2012, me Feb 2013). I've was with Verizon forever. Overall very happy with the savings, service and speed. What difference/inconvenience there is in coverage, has been more than made up with savings. I'd rather save substantial money than get coverage in places I rarely find myself in.

If I still lived in Iowa that would be a different story, because there is no T-Mob service there. I'm glad to have an option now (a much better option).

They can't afford the current business model. They are loading up on customers for an eventual sale I am guessing. Then the prices will go up and that dumb CEO will be fired.

Could be very well true. But for now I'm happy with my new 25mbps data connection and lower bill. Even if they get bought out and raise prices at least coverage will expand. But for the next year or so I'm very happy. Things change really fast so enjoy it while you can. So happy to have ditched Sprint and also Verizon years ago.

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If T-Mobile is bought, I hope he's not fired. John Legere can be annoying, but I like his style, either way. I'd take him over Dan Hesse.

And, if Sprint does buy T-Mobile and raises prices, I'll be the first to jump ship, lol.

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Lol. I've never actually tried Sprint. My younger brother has Sprint and loves it. My only beef with Sprint would be if they buy T-Mobile and then raise the prices.

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We are the switch to T-Mobile from VZW in January and couldn't be happier.

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6 years with Verizon, switched just last month but am happy. Really enjoyed downloading that last bill off VZ's site.

I don't understand it when people come in here to belittle T-Mobile and their customers. They are doing great things for the consumer even if you don't switch to them. The competitive pressures on the other carriers result in lots of benefits for all of us.

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People not return the company or the customers people rip in the business model the fact that they are losing money

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Left Sprint for T-Mobile in mid January. So far so good. Customer service when I had questions was great. I now get LTE in all the places (work, dorm) where I could barely get Sprint's 3G. I'm happy. Paying around the same, but I get more for the money (better coverage in Baltimore, plus Jump which as you know includes device insurance and Lookout premium). I'm happy!

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I hope they make it because I use t mobile SIM cards to unlock my ATT phones lol!

Their current business model is not sustainable. Paying off eft's for no contracts plans is expensive. Hopefully the new customer base starts to pay off in 2014.

My wife is on t mobile and seems to like to ok.

Sent from my Moto X!

20 million lost after purchasing spectrum from U.S. Cellular and Verizon totalling several hundred million is not bad at all. They keep investing in infrastructure and spectrum and they still managed to post a lower loss than the last quarter.

+1 - Great observation. So they WOULD have made quite a bit of money had they not invested in their infrastructure. Seems legit to me! I also just made the switch from Verizon to TMO. Been a Verizon customer for well over 6 years and was quite disappointed by the fact that their unlimited plans were gone. I didn't want to have to jump through any hoops to get keep my unlimited plan so I dropped them. Mostly happy with the move. I do miss Verizon's coverage, but it works in most places so I can't complain too much.

I switched from Sprint last March. At the time, I was living in the Boston area. Great service there, LTE launched last summer. I have since moved to NC, the Raleigh area, same here. Great LTE service. I drove down from MA to NC, I did lose 4G/LTE is some areas, but I could still make calls on 2G if I needed to. I love TMO, and hope it only gets better. :-)

We tried TMO for 30 days and the results are mixed. Service was a bit spotty in the SF East Bay area when compared to Verizon. Voice quality was OK. I like the idea of getting my own device so would not take advantage of the EFT payoff, plus I am at 15 months on my Verizon contract. Price is better by $50/mo.

Bottom line we are still thinking about moving, but no firm decision.

It's nice to save money, but, it's not worth it, if you're going to have crappy service. Take your time and see what areas you do drop service in. If you drop service in too many areas - especially important areas such as home, work, etc - then the switch isn't worth it. Definitely take your time in deciding.

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Left Verizon and Sprint for T-Mobile.. downtown Phoenix I get 50+ mbps!!! Never looking back, very glad I switched.

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Damn! That's better then I've been able to get. The most I've gotten is 30ish around downtown, but I'm not there very much.

Nice! I just had a connecting flight at Sky Harbor and was pulling 20 Mbps in terminal B

I am with Tmo because of free data roaming....well been with them for like 8 years now. If ATT had that I would probably try them instead. Lately I am not impressed with Tmo covarage.....indoors, New Hampshire (zero signal in a ski resort wtf and all towns nearby).... Horrible. Funny because whenever I didn't have any or had limited coverage many years ago, its still the same today

Been on T-mobile since I started paying my own phone bills. Generally happy with them although I do wish coverage was better at my parents house. I hope they continue to improve coverage rather than focusing on speed. Coverage>>>Speed IMHO. Customer service has been decent and I'm very very happy to support a carrier that doesn't try to double charge you for tethering.

I must admit on occasion I've been tempted to switch to AT&T's AIO service (for better coverage) but then I remind myself that AIO wouldn't exist if it weren't for the pressure T-mobile has put on the market. Keep it up T-mobile!


I completely agree. I think LTE is fast enough. Now, they need to focus on expanding coverage, because the other Big 3 is spanking them on coverage, Sprint included.

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I switched from Sprint to TMobile, best decision I ever made.
Sprint data speed was the worse, it compared to Tmobile 2G.
I would rate Sprint as the worse data speed in the nation.

Sprint is the worst thing that ever happened to the mobile industry. I feel sorry for ppl who are on Sprint, I genuinely do.

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Why do you feel sorry for them? They choose to use Sprint's service. If that works for them, then there's no issue.

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Mercdroid is right. I am on Sprint using an older Virgin Mobile HTC Evo 3D I got on clearance for less than $100.00 new.
I have no LTE and Sprint's 3G is so bad Sprint should be embarrassed. I bascally turn off data and go wifi only unless I really need it in a pinch.

No need to feel sorry for me, I choose to stay with Virgin Mobile (basically Sprint) because I like the plan I got and the easy of payment. I pay my bill at the register along with my groceries, can't beat the convienance plus every once in a while the store gives out holiday coupons that I can use towards my bill.

My family of 5 has been with T-Mo for about 3 years. Recently switched to the new plans after 2 years on a "kids are free" plan. Monthly price is a little higher, but of course data/voice limits are much higher (and all devices have data). Coverage is ok, not great. Wifi calling helps, but many of their back-end systems have trouble sometimes.

With cheap devices like the Moto G, the non-subsidized plans may really start looking good compared to competitors. I like the direction T-Mo is taking the industry.

i switched when the note 3 came out. Service in my area isn't as good as verizon, but good enough and I am a heavy user. Switched to save money, ditch big red's greed and to support the great changes t-mobile has made to this industry

Still on big red. Worried about coverage in my area. Northern Indiana. Want to switch so bad. Keep increasing coverage area! My contract is up in September and I want to switch.

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It takes money to make money. T-Mobile was in a huge hole for many years. When John Legere took over, things went in the opposite direction. Yes, he has his moments, but he is breaking out of the stereotypical CEO role and being one with the customer. I have seen him personally resolve issues for customers, and he is consistently in and out of the T-Mo stores putting faces to the names of his employees. I work for T-Mo and I have seen Sprint and Verizon customers switch in drones. I think the only carrier who may not be feeling much is AT&T. I personally switched about a month or so ago, and I had been a loyal Verizon customer for a long time. Yes, I got nearly 80Mbps on my 5s in the tri-state area, but it cost me almost $250 a month for 2 lines. Now I get a VERY respectable, livable and reasonable 45Mbps and pay $69 a month for my service on one line. I also get unlimited data internationally to every country I frequent which is a great thing to have after dishing out hundreds to Verizon in roaming charges.

Like him or love him, he really did shake up the wireless industry in the US.

Love everything TM is trying to do.....great programs, pricing, etc. Unfortunately when you don't have the consistent coverage (this is not a secret folks) these are the things you need to do to be relevant.
Hopefully the Big 3 will take notes and will work towards being more consumer friendly.

I am getting better coverage and better data speeds than I had with Verizon. Very happy so far. I also like not getting bill surprise when I travel with exorbitant roaming fees from Verizon.

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I bought a GSM phone with the intention of subscribing to T-Mobile's $30/month plan but I get poor coverage at home so I'm with Straight Talk until I move in the next several months.
I'll renew my T-Mobile SIM card before my apartment search begins so I can check coverage. If an apartment has good coverage, I'll apply.
Anyone know of nice apartments in midtown Sacramento?

Posted with my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

T-mo ftw I switched about 6 months ago and I'm loving it. I get a consistent 30 - 40mbs down on the 4G LTE in Melbourne, fl when I was att I was lucky to get 20mbs down on 4G LTE, not only that but I was able to jump from my xperia z to my new galaxy note 3... love it love it go to t-mobile it's the best value in mobile

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I also switched from Verizon (seems to be a trend here). I'm in Southern California and I'd be willing to say that my coverage is actually better than Verizon. I'd always go to the gym or places inside with Verizon and coverage completely dropped, whereas with T-Mobile those same areas I have full coverage.

The main thing for me was data speeds. Verizon can tout its coverage all it wants, but holy crap the data speeds were AWFUL in SoCal. In my home area of Santa Monica I'd regularly get 1.0-1.5 mbps, in which I'd then like to turn my phone into a gun and shoot my foot to lessen then pain and frustration of my streaming music cutting in and out. Don't even get me started looking at pictures or video. Why even say you have 4G LTE network coverage when your network is so damn clogged with all your customers you can't even utilize it. Then even if you did, you are capped on data...seriously makes no sense to me.

So, after switching to T-Mobile I maintain at LEAST 15.0 mbps always and it gets up to 30 mbps. Plus all of that, with unlimited data. AND cheaper. Oh, AND free WiFi calling. Oh, AND free tethering. Oh, AND free international data...etc, etc. I'm never looking back.

Going to give Tmo a try, start new account, get a mid level budget phone just to compare, if they can get me a better price for my 5 lines + employer discount, and get me the coverage, data, and voice quality I'm accustomed to getting from Verizon, then I'll switch

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I would order a sim card from their website and try their service using the 30 dollar plan. You should be able to find a pretty cheap T-Mobile device to use it with.

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Switched from Verizon about two weeks ago and going well so far.
I grabbed a Nexus 5 from Google Play and picked up the $30/month plan and speeds and coverage have been excellent so far in Pittsburgh PA. This plan fits my needs perfectly.

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I switched about a month ago now. You can't beat having international coverage and free date abroad for $50 a month.

I don't like TMobile in our area after a bad experience , but I'll give them credit for making positive changes for all consumers across carriers. I'll take anything that pushes businesses to be more consumer centric, instead of the opposite.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

What I used to pay every 2 years on Verizon: $2,640
What I pay now every 2 years on T-Mobile: $720

Im glad I switched in December-

Yeah, that 30 dollar plan is great! But, I had to move from it, because I use way more than 100 minutes and the VOIP apps weren't cutting it for me.

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I've been with most of the carriers at one time or another, and t-mobile's coverage--for the most part--is about as good as the rest. However, they have the best customer service of all the carriers I've dealt with. Always had a good experience with them.

Switched about 3 weeks ago from sprint. Pretty happy so far. Much better data speeds and reliability. A few more dropped calls but nothing too annoying. Hope to be able to stay with them

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No T-Mobile in Iowa. We have I-Wireless, a T-Mobile affiliate. $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data (3gb @ 4G speeds). Can anyone comment on how good the service is? I've been thinking about switching to I-Wireless or Aio.

Are you CyHawk on SBN too?

Anyhoo. The wife and I are on T-Mobile now (we live in Charlotte, NC). When we get back to Iowa for visits we only get data coverage in Des Moines. We can use voice/text. But we get no data at all, once out of Des Moines (we visit family in Iowa City and Ottumwa).

I've got no idea about I-Wireless, but if they are a T-Mobile affiliate, they must be using some other carrier's network in Iowa. I would have to guess that it is ATT.

That's good to know. I think I-Wireless is an MVNO that has their own towers in Iowa, but uses T-Mobile outside Iowa.

I left Sprint in November, with the release of the N5, and went to T-Mobile. Best decision I ever made. I was wasting $100/month for years with incredibly poor service. I had hope Sprint would keep their promises of WiMax, but that was just a fantasy. Obviously they swapped for LTE now, but for 4 years I got the run-around regarding WiMax development in my area.

I'm now saving $40/month with the jump to T-Mobile, and I get LTE. Win win.

I switched over in November from Sprint, and was absolutely thrilled, and still am. I only wish I had been able to wait so they could have paid off my ETF, but oh well. :)

Even though I live in KC, I left Sprint last March and went to Tmobile with my family plan. I added an extra person and it was still cheaper than Sprint. Also, my wife's parents live in Mexico, and it is so nice not to have to shut your phone off when flying international (because of high data rates). Totally happy with Tmobile coverage. I do wish they would allow more people in the family plan, and allow split billing in the family plan.

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I'm actually surprised that they didn't post a much larger loss than this, given the major changes they made to their business models, and the number of practices they've adopted that involve relatively large one-time expenditures. I'm generally of the opinion that what they've been doing is a ploy to drum up as many new customers as they possibly can, regardless of the cost, in an attempt to make themselves more attractive for a buyout, but maybe their new model is more sustainable than I originally thought.

I switched 2 weeks ago from Verizon. I am enjoying it so far. I have noticed loss in signal when driving up and down I-95 from VA to NJ. Which was rare with Verizon. But my bill is about $20 less than with Big Red.

I switched from Sprint and have no real complaints. Overall I see much faster speeds (to be fair LTE on Sprint was starting to roll out in my area when I switched) and my bill is cheaper.

Posted via G2 + Nova

I am one of those new customers in the last two months. So far so good. Couldn't be happier.

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I have been a T-Mobile customer for several years - left Verizon as they made changes to my plan without me authorizing it and extending my contract. My ONLY complaint is their crappy coverage in many areas. Where I live, I get the exciting 2G coverage for my Nexus 5 phone. While I have complained to them, them seem to turn a deaf ear. Other than that, I like their service and their customer support. PLEASE fix my data speed.

I switched to T-Mobile in October from Sprint and I wish I would have done it sooner! I got the Note 3 and my friends and I all joined a family plan! My bill is only $33 a month! I friggin love it! My data is always 15Mb+ while on Sprint it was always less than 1Mb even on LTE! Wifi calling is a Godsend! The only issues I have are my Note 3 is very buggy but that is Samsung and my friend with an S4 doesn't have the same issues. T-Mobile, at least in South Florida, is amazing!


I switched from Verizon in November 2013.4 lines. Very happy. Tired of paying full price for a phone to keep unlimited data. Faster data with T-Mobile, free hot spot. Heading international soon, free international roaming, free wifi calling, flat rate calling. All included, and I'm saving a ton! Not looking back!

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I just switched to T-Mobile from Sprint last Friday and got an LG G2 (fantastic phone). They're paying my ETF fees, my bill is relatively low, and I'm getting trial Unlimited data until the beginning of next billing cycled.

Coming from Sprint, these network speeds are the equivalent of having an epiphany. It's very fast during all times of the day, here in NYC. Whenever LTE isn't available (rarely), it reverts to HSPA+, both being very speedy. Call quality is good. International text and web is a plus. I love it all.

Thank you, T-Mobile! Your strategies are working!

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Switched to T-Mobile from AT&T about a month ago. Coverage and lte speeds are awesome in Richmond VA. Love the saving money every month, and ability to upgrade when I want. By far my favorite thing about switching is having true unlimited data without worrying about throttling or being charged more on heavy months. I typically eat through data and 5 gigs a months is not nearly enough for me. A typical month using data as I please gets me up to around 10 gigs. Love love love T-Mobile so far!

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I think before T-Mobile gets new customers they need to learn how to treat the old ones I've been a customer for the past 6 years and would change but where I live it's t mobile or really nothing and for the most part it's great but my service went out for 6 days and when I had to call in I get the run around and tech support forget it they usually don't have a clue and it's sad they should be investing money into training their employees. So when the new customers call in they actually get the help they need. When T-Mobile files a trouble ticket and give you the ticket number then you call to check on it and are told one was never filed and have to go through the whole process to file one again it's not fun at all. And on top of that they would not give a credit for not being able to use my phone because they tried to say I never called in to report it, just horrible customer service. But stuck with it so I try my best never to have to call.

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