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After T-Mobile had attempted to woo long-time BlackBerry subscribers away in an effort to convince them to upgrade to newer devices running on competing operating systems and a subsequent reworking of the upgrade incentive to appease BlackBerry, it looks like the un-carrier network has managed to convince 50,000 BlackBerry customers to upgrade, likely to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

The program began in March and while that number may sound like a lot, not all of those who upgraded were upgrading to a new BlackBerry.

T-Mobile's promotion gave a $200 credit to those upgrading their BlackBerry to a Samsung phone while BlackBerry customers who are upgrading to a different manufacturer would only get $100 in credits.

The good news is that it appears that this promotion will continue, but with some changes.

When it began, customers would get the credits on their bill automatically. T-Mobile has since switched the program so that customers would automatically get a debit card sent to their address if they participated. However, starting August 6th, customers will have to fill out a mail-in-rebate form to participate in the promotion.

Those customers would have to visit www.t-mobile.com/promotions and use the code 'Loyalty 3Q4' to get their debit card.

Any former BlackBerry customers, especially those who are members of sister site CrackBerry.com, here who have upgraded to a Samsung? What are your thoughts? If you're a BlackBerry customer looking to switch it up, what device are you eyeing?

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T-Mobile convinces 50,000 BlackBerry customers to upgrade their phones, though maybe not to a new BlackBerry


I also hear over on CrackBerry that they are finally done rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic and firing people. I am sure that they will make it through the year, and that every year they are slated to die, but hopefully next year will be the last.

I feel bad for them but it does come down to evolve or die, they chose the latter.

It's pretty Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile they are the ones who pace this carrier game since June 2012

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Me too! I love blackberry I've had a blackberry device since 2006 but my Z10 is going to be the last for now, I wanted the note 3 but gonna wait for the Note 4.

I was a Blackberry user for 6 years until I bought the Note 3 a few months ago and couldn't be happier. My next phone will be the Note 4 as soon as it releases. I just wish AT&T had this offer when I purchased the Note 3

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

What's sad is that the OS is awesome but people just won't give it a try because it's BB. Once you start playing around with the HUB, every other OS seems archaic IMO. Maybe with BB getting amazon's app store with the 10.3 update, it will help them stay afloat. I hope so because we need the competition.

No actually they are not competition. Windows phone needs to step up and fill the void BB will leave behind.

HUB is too little too late and BB10 is nothing all that special (no matter what BB enthusiasts say). BB is not more than a parasite at this point. It feeds off of everything around it to stay alive (Android, Amazon, whoever is doing the hardware for them now).

Your kidding right? When did Androd rely on another mobile OS for apps? Did the OEMs not make Android specific hardware?

Nothing parasitic about either of those. Nexus is a blight but luckily Google has realized its mistake and has started putting a skin/features on it

Can you say Linux? Blackberry origined most of this we do on phones today. Google took from BBRY, apple and Windows Phone and webOS for android devices. It was Google's lab so to speak that started android. It was their baby, sorry

A parasitic move, right? They didn't invent it but used it as a guinea pig in their lab after purchase. The Linux part IS right and Google did little to nothing to change that shell did they?

I am still waiting for you to say something, anything intelligent around here. All you seem to do is post to bash me.

I know it is lonely in the basement at moms house and I am glad I can give you some purpose in life.

How many mobile apps did Linux produce that Android piggy backed off of?

Or do you want to take it to the OS level where it all comes down to ones and zeros?

Posted via Android Central App

You spoke about being parasitic and Android's OS is a derivative of Linux. Nothing can be MORE parasitic than that. Especially compared to an Is using an emulator for apps. Blackberry OS was developed by blackberry since the INCEPTION of the smartphone. Google can't say that and should be thankful to blackberry and others like webOS and windows mobile for their innovations

They were originally Research In Motion. I believe they used C+ to get their code going BUT it was NOT a retread of Linux as it was when android started. They are their own entity and not the revered BUT dreadful open source OS that makes android SUCH a mess

SO they went with C+ I won't even piggy back on that little leech of theirs.

Let me give you some real brief history. RIM was originally about making your TV into a computer screen and had a program named Budgie. It was sucessful apparently because that allowed them to... wait for it....wait

Leech of a mobile networking device company named Mobitex.

They took an existing product and like a parasite changed it and made it their own. Years later they went into the hardware and software business (conjoined instead of just sucking off Mobitex tit for the hardware)

If you want to go back to the Roots of Android, I give to you the BlackBerry parasite.

I am not doing that though, I am talking about now and lets say the last 3-5 years.

Blackberry cannot even launch an app (BBM) without delay after delay much less build an ecosystem (apps and an app store) for their own devices. How can they hope to survive?

I honestly wish they would have adapted sooner. I had a blackberry for years and thought that telenav was the absolute shit. They blew it though and it is time to go away.


1. BB10 is a mess. confusing, clunky, buggy, laggy, unintuitive, inconsistent UI and gestures. the "hub" is a messy junk drawer filled with shit you can't find. if you can't pick up a device for the first time and intuitively learn to navigate it in a couple minutes you failed. not to mention dated years old "me too" mediocre ho hum clunky ugly hardware clinging to an antiquated keyboard along with a shitty ecosystem.
2. There will be plenty of competition and the ones who will succeed are those who have something to offer. BB isn't it. It's a good day.. Survival of the fittest.. Letting the weak and sick die off strengthens the herd.. BB should die now and a new contender can enter the ring.
3. Legere is still looking for Chan on MySpace.

Even tho I've owned many android devices, I have to say I like bb10.

I recently bought a q10 which I'm going to sell soon, because that's what I do with almost all my phones..

The hub is actually perfect for let's say, people that uses their phone for buisnesses. It's not messy at all.

Have to say that BlackBerry need to innovate and start releasing better hardware on their phones.

Posted via Android Central App

I totally agree most people dont even give it a chance. The hub is smooth and simple if you ask me.

Posted via Android Central App

silly dumb delusional canucks should stick with what they're good at. simple things that don't require a lot of brain-power - simple things like poutine, lumber, and hockey. not technology.

Without those "dumb delusional Canucks" the US space program wouldn't be as successful as it was since its conception. Many of those engineers were Canadians. There's many innovations and inventions that Canadians came up with. So please inform yourself, you're doing nothing except making a fool of yourself.

canada could disappear tomorrow and the rest of the world wouldn't notice or care.

canada lives off of the goodwill of the American people. never forget that.

That is not a new thing. Gekko is ok but he has a very serious issue with Canada. Not sure why.... Them and the head of HTC (chou?). Both are on his kill list

Posted via Android Central App

Canada is like our bro's to the North, this world of ours needs a lot more love, not more countries disappearing

Posted via Android Central App

Comments like this are why the rest of the world points and laughs at us.. Great job painting us all as knuckle dragging, neanderthal, throw backs...

Posted via Android Central App

Please... It wasn't until 2012 that my company was able to pry my BlackBerry from my hands. I've had them since they were monochrome screens w/ PTT on Nextel. They were the only real usable technology in the phone marketplace for the better part of the 2000's. You had to be a real nerd to want to put up with a WinMo phone back then, they truly sucked.

Without BBerry we wouldn't know smartphones as we do today.

I was still rocking my BB simultaneously with my Android phones 2010 to 2012. Android is only recently good at enterprise environments and mail that isn't Gmail.

Posted via Android Central App

And one day people who probably never owned an Android phone will make fun of Android... Sort of like most people with iPhones and Android devices do with BlackBerry.

I'll never understand why the tech community or its seemly immature fan base seems to think it makes them look thoughtful or tech-literate to make fun of devices like a BlackBerry. Every dog has its day, BlackBerry or Palm or Windows Mobile hurts no one by commanding almost no market share or being obsolete. People in the mobility community fail to recognize the significance of these brands even as they sunset or already have.

It's like people making fun of Sidekick's and not realize that was the Danger team cutting their teeth before they all went and wrote the Android OS. Blackberry served a purpose, there was ZERO personal device mobility in enterprise before RIM. At the end of the day Google, Apple, and every other mobile OEM will line up and fight tooth and nail for their patents if they don't absorb the remaining company entirely.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow, 50,000! 6 months! BB is dead! It's over! The one that wrote this is an idiot! You choose which one of these sentences are true!

First statement is an astonishing fact, second one has been known for a while.

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

Hardly ASTONISHING! Pretty small from Legere the rodeo clown. The true fact that writing this article at all is idiotic because it really means nothing in the scheme of things. Sensationalist to get us to respond is this writer's only success today and probably in his writing future

Why would I, the article is about Blackberry, blackberry is in the title of the article? As I write from my android tablet

When the number of users is dwindling lime they are at BlackBerry and you quarterly losses are in the billions, 50k of your user base is a big number

Posted via Android Central App

Nope sorry. It was over several months AND it's not blackberry's main money maker anymore. I hope they succeed. Articles like this one we are commenting on show that some pundits strongly infer they want it to die I don't

Actually Samsung's KNOX is the best security you can buy. Which is why many governments are switching to Samsing. But Canadians are indeed technology innovators including, for example, Alexander Graham Bell.

The fact that you actually believe that speaks volumes as to your lack of any actual knowledge on the matter. BTW, didn't Samsung give up on KNOX? And if it was truly the best security money could buy, I wonder why BlackBerry is still the only one with Authority To Operate on U.S. DOD networks? I wonder why it's the only OS authorized for use for the German government? Why has BlackBerry been approved for secure communications for NATO?

Try doing a little research next time.

Posted via Android Central App

1. Samsung did not give up Knox. They gave it to Google so that a secure proven enviroment would propagate though Android.

2 OH yeah? BB is the only one allowed on DOD? http://www.androidcentral.com/us-department-defense-gives-approval-samsu...

How about we check in with the Pentagon? :http://www.citeworld.com/article/2114814/mobile-byod/pentagon-approval-i...

How about if we check in with the UK? : http://www.zdnet.com/samsung-knox-tapped-by-uk-gov-for-public-sector-700...

Blackberry has been around long enough, and used to be good enough to be the only game in town.

Knox is going to change all that but it takes time for government approval of things. It is however happening sooner than BlackBerry would like.

Explain how a rodeo clown has made T-Mobile basically the most loved network with the best pricing, improving coverage, and best offers. No one's forcing you to switch to Android or iOS and it's a known fact BB is dying, why call him a clown for satisfying customers?

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

Because everything he does is theater of the absurd. These clown moves were to try and sell the company and so far that is unsuccessful. I believe the sensational things they do are unsustainable and economics will show this to be true in the future

Are you kidding? T-Mobile and John Legere are reeling in cash, and will be with all the new customers. If you think T-Mobile is bad because they aren't advocates of BB, what carrier do you use?

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

Verizon. It is cost per customer NOT just the number of new customers. They need to sell it or it could be an issue for them in the future, that is what I feel could/would or should happen. We will see...

I don't believe it is a sustainable situation for t mobile, I just don't. I do not own a blackberry and I am writing from my android tablet, so not switching. I think blackberry has a chance that's all and this article is useless one with juvenile factoids that don't matter much. It is good to get people commenting nothing else

Yet the only gripe you have with him is that you're a BB fanboy and don't like the Legere gave BB (a losers company) the boot. Other than that, you really can't see that he not only improved tmobile but completely changed the mobile carrier landscape and how they do business. TMobile is the only company gaining subscribers and making money. Rodeo Clown? Keep your blinders on and keep rooting for BB, a company with nearly ZERO world wide marketshare and a long laundry list of failures. Carry on jerk.

They are gaining customers but I believe at an unsustainable rate of discounting for them. Verizon,ATT can handle discounting unsure if t mobile can. I am writing from my android tablet and do not have a BBRY, sorry nice try.

They are gaining customers?? LMAO. Have you looked at latest market share numbers. I think it was something like 0.6%

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Let's all get along. Most of us at one point probably had an blackberry like a curve or pearl but then switched. Blackberry was one of the first smart phones sadly it didn't stay on tap with the at this time young android OS. And soon was pushed out of competition. But we have to thank blackberry for a lot without them and even apple yeah I said it apple there wouldn't have been android and windows phone 8 that both are much better os then blackberry. Blackberry always made the hardware but didn't keep up with the software.

OnePlusOne Special Edition

I've used all the mobile OS's. All have their pros and cons. I for one am glad there is choice and competition. However, anyone that makes sweeping statements about how terrible BlackBerry 10 is, is being disingenuous. From personal experience, I know for a fact that it's a fantastic OS, especially considering how young it is compared to Android and IOS. I truly hope BlackBerry sticks around because they are currently putting out a great product, despite all the negative sentiment.

Posted via Android Central App

Either by serving various regulated sectors as a niche player and even as a consumer device, be it at a small scale. As long as they can be profitable and continue developing BlackBerry 10 as well as their other core businesses, they can remain relevant. They have a lot more to offer than just phones, like QNX, BBM, and BES. And if they can leverage their partnerships (i.e. Foxconn, Amazon etc.) to make the hardware profitable, they have a reason to continue.

After using many platforms, I find BlackBerry 10 suits me best. The Hub is extremely under rated as is the OS. Once I got familiar with BlackBerry 10, which couldn't be more different than BlackBerry 7, it just became so second nature that I find myself using BlackBerry 10 gestures on every other device I pick up, and get frustrated when they don't work.

Posted via Android Central App

Its sad but BB decided to do their own thing which ended up failing. I still don't understand how they were still trying to sell phones with keyboards.

Yeah I don't get that either. A very small percentage of people would even buy a phone with a keyboard. I guess thats why their market share is under 1%

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

I personally love touch screen keyboards, and the % of ppl who wish for physical keyboards are prolly minute, however they do exist. I come across ppl all the time who want phys kb's.

My girlfriend being 1 that I actually care about. She still uses a Galaxy Relay 4 G cuz it's the newest gsm phone we could find. Girls who get their nails done often hate touchscreen kbs, so there is a lil demand the physical kbs

Posted via Android Central App

I think the only reason everyone is dumping on Blackberry and hoping they die is because deep down in their hearts they know everything else is second best. And if Blackberry does die they won't be forever stuck in second place.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah. That's it. You got us. It has nothing to do with the crappy products Blackberry put out for years while the market moved on to bigger and better things. Nah. That couldn't be it.

Wow. Anger, hate and racism. Android über alles.
Personally I hope that Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone continue to exist, develop, improve and vie for market share. Diversity, choice and continuous improvement. I currently use BB10 and Android. I have previously used iOS. All have their pros and cons. I like BB10 and I like Android. I choose to use them both. I don't feel any need to hate users of the other two.

Posted via Android Central App

Sadly I made the change. I purchased an HTC m8. It pained me but I'm an happy with my decision.

Posted via Android Central App

BlackBerry is coming out with the LG Vu with a tiny keyboard next month to compete with the Note 4 and iPhone 6...the Passport. I'll pass.

From my Note 2 to you

I actually used BB till Android 2.3 Gingerbread was unveiled, then I jumped ship. I honestly never tried BB10 so I cannot condemn the OS w/o giving it a shot. Furthermore with all this talk about BB dying or disappearing, its hard for me to go against anything that adds choice, even if most ppl think it's not a good one.

Posted via Android Central App

Someone please wake me up when BlackBerry actually starts selling phones to anyone in any substantial numbers, I've heard the promises from BB and Crackberry before and they always fell flat or short of their stated goal. bb10 is Nice, but falls short in support and Apps. Which is why their trying to live on Android apps as their last hope for survival. The Amazon app store is not going to save BB, they had a chance in 2011 and let it slip by. I don't know if anyone at BB noticed but the business world moved on Just like I did as a regular BB user.

Posted via Android Central App

BlackBerry still is big with government and large enterprises. I work for a bank with operations in North America and Asia. We only use corporate issued BB10s. BYOD is only open to iPhone iOS 6+. WP8 has a better chance of being approved over that Knox nightmare for BYOD.

All of you who say BB10 is bad probably haven't even used it.

In my opinion Blackberry is failing for the same reason as Palm/HP : lack of apps, poor marketing, crappy companies that they are owned by and software that's oh so lovable and promising but lacks polish.

But without a doubt, Blackberry and webOS we're enormous inspirations for Android and iOS.

Palm standardised the cards for multitasking and synergy (multiple accounts being pulled into your phone).

Palm webOS was too far ahead of it's time and even now the others are still playing catch up with it

Posted via Android Central App

Can't see myself going back to Android after using the new BlackBerry OS10. Everyone that I show how the new BlackBerry OS10 works, wants one. I may get the new Passport when it comes out. No more Android. I don't hate it and I think it's a fine OS, but when I use my Nexus 7, I find that I really miss how you navigate through BlackBerry. It's got a rhythm and flow that's hard to explain. Must be experienced.

Okay, so obviously you guys that hate BlackBerry don't want to learn much about an incredible OS http://crackberry.com/indias-digit-magazine-names-blackberry-10-worlds-b... . But what ever. Now let's look at how it was to transition from a regular flip phone to a smartphone??? (If you still have that ability?) now #1 bb10 is a completely new OS and it has some very revolutionary features....... Yeah really?? so you might want to open your mind to the idea that maybe just maybe BlackBerry is actually on the right track? And btw the word is..... BlackBerry is actually increasing it's global footprint. regardless of what the US news media is saying.
Another thing that you might want to consider.......... the despite bb10 being the only one with the US government authority to operate...... they (the government) still advises people to get an android or ios...... kinda ironic....... Yeah after all BlackBerry is probably just harder to gather your personal information from............ which might explain it??????

Posted via Android Central App

I upgraded from BB to Samsung Galaxy. I was a die hard BB fan. But, times changed its a great bussiness phone BUT its no fun. The APPs were just old and tired and overpriced. It wasn't to me a up to date phone. I was a little apprehensive so I was going to get a red Q10 but it had to be ordered. So I went with the Samsung galaxy 4 and I love it.

Posted via the Android Central App