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This morning T-Mobile announced a new $79.99 all inclusive plan that covers unlimited calling, texting and data. As data speeds get faster, we've seen some of the wireless carriers attempting to abandon unlimited plans, so this is a good thing, right? There is one big caveat to this new "unlimited" plan, however: consumers exceeding 2GB of data will see their data rates slowed down until their new billing cycle starts. That's where that big asterisk in the headline comes in. According to T-Mobile's internal stats, customers on average only use 1GB of data per month. These stats are factoring in all users, but what about the power users that stream video/audio or download large amounts of files that is easier to do over their HSPA+ network?

It's a good thing that they won't be absurd overage fees, but how slow will speeds get if you exceed 2GB? It's going to have to be trial and error for the time being. It looks like we'll be seeing more of Dan Hesse criticizing these kind of plans for appearing unlimited when in fact they're not. Full press release after the break. 

T-Mobile Introduces New Unlimited Data, Calling and
Texting Plan for Only $79.99 Per Month
New lower-priced unlimited plan with no overage charges makes wireless more affordable to more people on America’s Largest 4G Network

BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 13, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that a new, single-line unlimited plan is available for just $79.99 per month, with an Even More™ plan and a two-year contract. The new plan offers great value for new and existing customers with unlimited nationwide calling, texting and data – with no overage charges – on America’s Largest 4G Network™.

“Consumers today are looking for even more value and flexibility from their wireless plans,” said John Clelland, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. “While data plans for many of our competitors continue to be very expensive, T-Mobile is lowering the price of our unlimited plan and offering more options, making it easier than ever for customers to step up to a richer mobile data experience on our 4G network.”

Combined with an extensive lineup of affordable smartphones, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited plan allows customers to save more than $350 per year on an unlimited smartphone plan, compared to similar plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint1. Additionally, T-Mobile customers continue to receive high-quality 4G experiences where they live, work, and play – America’s Largest 4G Network™ now reaches 167 markets and more than 200 million people nationwide.

In contrast to some competing offerings, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited plan enables customers to use mobile data on their smartphones without incurring any overage charges. Consumers exceeding 2GB of usage in a billing month will still have access to unlimited data at reduced speeds until their new billing cycle starts. On average, T-Mobile 4G smartphone customers consume about 1GB of data per billing month.

In addition to its unlimited plans, T-Mobile continues to offer one of the industry’s most affordable entry-level data plans, starting at just $10 for 200 MB per billing month. The company also strives to help customers on these data plans avoid surprise bills with SMS alerts when they are reaching their data limit.

The new $79.99 Even More unlimited plan is available now for qualifying customers. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile.com.

1 Based on comparison against comparable post-paid plans for smartphones from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint; does not include taxes and fees or cost of phone. Plan features and limitations may vary. Data as of March 2011.

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About T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile USA, Inc. is the U.S. wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, approximately 130 million mobile customers were served by the mobile communication segments of the Deutsche Telekom group — 33.7 million by T-Mobile USA — all via GSM and UMTS, the world’s most widely-used digital wireless standards. Today, T-Mobile operates America's largest 4G network, and is delivering a compelling 4G experience across a broad lineup of leading devices in more places than competing 4G services. T-Mobile USA’s innovative wireless products and services empower and enable people to stay connected and productive while mobile. Multiple independent research studies continue to rank T-Mobile USA as a leader in customer care and customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit http://www.T-Mobile.com. T-Mobile is a federally registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG. For further information on Deutsche Telekom, please visit www.telekom.de/investor-relations.

For more information about T-Mobile’s 4G products, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com.


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T-Mobile announces new $79.99 Unlimited* Plan


I bet those customers on average that are only using 1 gig a month are mostly on 3g. So when more and more people get on 3g most people are going to be around the 3-4 gig usage. So I guess they can use 4g for the first half of the month then they will get throttled down to 3g for the rest of the month.

I will give t-mobile credit for at least keeping it unlimited unlike AT&T and Verizon. Of course whats gonna happen when big blue takes over?

If you wanna call it unlimited. It slows down to .06 mbps. You won't be using data at that point cause its terrible. I went over the 5 gb limit half way through the month once and it was the worst lol. Watching videos at work too much.

"I will give t-mobile credit for at least keeping it unlimited unlike AT&T and Verizon."

And by that you mean just AT&T, right? Verizon is still unlimited and not as strict on throttling as T-mo even before this 2GB limit.

That almost makes me want to switch. If only they were going to stay T-Mobile for longer than one two-year contract.

how can u market & sell it as "unlimited" if your capping or throttling it after a certain amount.
Hesse is right.. this is a simple case of false advertising

Reall? No it's not a class action lawsuit waiting to happen at all. Offers are made all the time with limitations and exclusions. The fact that anyone would even think let alone say that betrays a misunderstanding of contracts. When you buy one get one free at a restaurant its of equal or lesser value items. That's the way offers like this work. Sorry for the rant but the threat of a lawsuit over things like this or not getting an update to a phone is rediculous and a problem in the United States

I agree. besides, this is still unlimited. Just not unlimited at a constant rate. It's one of those fine print limitations that businesses have been using since the beginning of time. It's all outlined in the contact. There is absolutely no basis for a lawsuit. People though, like to go lawsuit happy though when things don't go their way because for some reason, they feel entitled to everything.

Consider this; If T-Mobile's "unlimited" text or call plans were subject to the same speed reductions as their data plan after exceeding say, 1,000 calls or 1,000 texts, thus prompting T-Mobile to slow down the rate of speed in which one's voice flows through the line or delays one's text messages for 2 to 3 days then the legality of the issue would be patently clearer. The fact that it is internet "data" transfer rate that is being slowed down (after exceeding 5 GB's per month) rather than voice or text data may obscure the issue for some, but data is data, be it voice, text or internet data. And what applies to one form of data should apply to all forms. A law suit would be a slam dunk if T-Mobile were to arbitrary delay or "slow down" the speed in which your phone calls or text messages flowed. And Statutory Interpretation, according to West's Constitutional Encyclopedia leaves T-Mobile with no room to justify this action. There is very much a basis for a law suit concerning this issue.

If they get sued, they will win, and they know it. Technically it is unlimited if they don't cut off service or make you pay more. It is stated in the agreement. Unlimited does NOT mean unlimited days at a consistent rate. It means unlimited data, period. Which is what you are getting. Businesses have been using fine print limitations since the beginning. The only difference here is that you don't like it. That my friends, is not illegal.

But if you limit my speed dont you then limit the amount of data I can download/access? But I do agree with ya this is something the satalite internet guys have been doing for years and ive never seen them get sued.

"But if you limit my speed dont you then limit the amount of data I can download/access?"

Well, if you put it that way, it's still limited no matter what.
Say, the download speed is 10MB/s. Then max. amount you can download is roughly 26TB for 30 days. Then it is STILL limited to that.

So, unless they give UNLIMITED speed as well, it's impossible to have UNLIMITED data in terms of amount you can download.

They limit by the amount of data you can download. It doesn't matter how fast. If it goes to court (I doubt it ever will), they will find that they aren't explicitly setting a limit on the amount of data you can download before you are cut off. Therefor, it is unlimited by the term. It doesn't matter how much you turn down the faucet .. there is still water coming out of the hose. "Volume" was NEVER part of the agreement.

I use my phone to download for surfing and downloading things all the time. At first I was worried about the limitation, until I used 3G watchdog to keep an eye on things. I am on WiFi constantly, so I tend to stay within 2GB. Most people fit this usage pattern, including the heaviest of phone users. With WiFi being so prevalent, I don't see how you are in situations where you go over a 2gb cap because there is no WiFi available. AT&T showed the same average as did Verizon. If the percentage of people who actually go over 2gb is so small, then switching to this will not impact the company at all.

People who generally go over the 2gb limit are the ones that are using their phones in a way that it was not intended. Tethering when they don't have that package. Downloading torrents on their computer, stuff like that. That's why they're doing stuff like this on their phones.

In addition to what the other reply states about Pandora going over 5 gig, T-MOBILE INCLUDES TETHERING at no additional cost. When you combine free, authorized tethering with a 2GB limit = FAIL. This is an excellent plant for people who use a lot of minutes, but for people who focus more on Data (ME) the Sprint plans will still be better.

I well prefer HSPA+ over WiMAX anyway though, so I might be switching later.

"People who generally go over the 2gb limit are the ones that are using their phones in a way that it was not intended."

Wrong. I was using the new Amazon Cloud Player at work (they have a secured Wi-Fi for business only) to listen to music I had uploaded and I quickly racked up quite a bit of data download (I'm currently at 2.5GB half-way through the month) since my songs are encoded at 192 or 250 kb/s. I've decided to only use the cloud player on Wi-Fi at home so I don't exceed my 5GB allocation. I don't think I'd want to go down to 2GB for the cheaper plan. In fact, because we're on Even More Plus, a two-line all unlimited family plan is only $140...less per line than this new contract rate.

This reminds of me of that Sprint commercial where the CEO is talking about what UNLIMITED really means, but I would never switch to them lol

I use the least data on my evo than the other 4 phones on my account which includes 2 more evo's. But i am always in a place where i can get wi-fi. Do most people actually check to see if wi-fi is available? I ways do so i only use about 100 mb/mo. I'm on my phone costantly net youtube like crazy. I wonder how many could actually get by <2gb if they really tried to stay on wi-fi?

This is great, actually. Honestly half the time(which I'm sure many can agree) that I'm always on wifi. When I'm home, I have it. When I'm at my jobs(best buy and Starbucks) I have it and when I'm on campus for school I have. This is something great to me. If I get capped over 2GB then ill deal with it then. This is awesome, especially with the new htc sensation coming out

I think this is decent for T-Mobile. I have a tablet on Sprint and haven't come close to the 2 gig mark yet. I expected my data would go up by switching to a tablet, as I use it constantly.

Between this and the new Sensation, T-Mobile looks like it is coming alive.

Compare this to at&t:
T-mobile: unlimited t/t 2gb web with no overage $80
At&t: unlimited talk: 69.99, text:20, 2gb of web: $25 =$115

Plus $10 for every gb over 2. Decisions decisions

I am one of those who go over 2 gigs and month, because at work I do not have wifi. I use At Bat 11
to stream baseball games. I use 5.5 gigs per month
on average.

I think this is a very good deal. One thing you have to remember is that sprints lowest price unlimited plan is only unlimited calling to other cell phones. Whereas this new plan from tmo Is true unlimited calling which means people like me who use several hundred to over a thousand minutes calling landlines could actually finally drop our home landline. I hope tmo still exists when my contract is up with sprint in 2012.

It will be a matter of concern for those who stream music from pandora or the newest amazon cloud offering. I regularly do both while at work and I usually am around 3 gb/month. Peaking just south of 4 gb. Now I listen to Yankee games using the mlb app when I'm not near the tele. But, hey. The kid is on VZW.

I think it's disingenuous for T-Mobile to factor in all handsets to get their user data average.Most regular phones and even Blackberries use far less data than Android devices. They can and should show what their Android owners average data use is and use that as the cap with throttling beyond that.

I called t-mobile to get that plan and they said that they are not offering it at this time due to a problem with their system.
They will not offer that plan to family plans only to individual plans.
I hope it comes out soon.

Does anyone know how this applies to family plans? like is this price per line? What about that $59.99 plan? Any information would help! Thanks.

I called t-mobile to get that plan and they said that they are not offering it at this time due to a problem with their system.
They will not offer that plan to family plans only to individual plans.
I hope it comes out soon.

Android users already get unlimited free texting through Google Voice. This rate plan needs to be cheaper.

I have 5gb throttling, and I've exceeded this several times on my 4G device. The slowed data speeds aren't that inhibitive. You can still use wifi, almost everywhere, I didn't experience any problems with my excessive use of Pandora (in my car, all day, every drive. No issues.) and the primary reason I went over my 5gb is using it as a hotspot for my computer and watching Hulu, downloading movies, Netflix, etc.
TETHERING IS NOT FREE, by the way. Using your phone as a hotspot is free, (for now) but if you tether, you will pay. $14.99/month.

EVEN MORE PLUS will NOT be getting the $59.99 unlimited plan, all T-mobile representatives have been told not to offer it.
Sidenote: Combine this with the T-mobile 4G Hotspot, there's another 5Gb of data at your disposal for 5 devices for $40.

I have been researching for long and finally figured out Android Tablets support the storage of single files up to 4 GB and only play single video files smaller than 2GB.But I desire high quality videos so I am looking for to a new version that can go beyond this limitation.