Galaxy S III date

SO you've seen all the hoopla about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, and decided you have to get one in your hands. We don't blame you one bit. The question now is when can we expect to see it on the shelves? If you're in Europe, Samsung will be unleashing the beast on May 29 across various markets. No word on what it will cost you, but how do you put a price on something this beautiful?

If you're stateside, you'll have to wait until "this summer" for the HSPA+ and LTE versions to hit. We'll wait with ya, and there's always the forums to keep you company.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S III available in Europe May 29


Nice phone, but the timing's wrong. I'll have the EVO LTE by then. Not enough that's better (and some that's not as good) than the EVO to keep me from going with the ugly little thing...

I can see a lot of people importing the standard GSM version (especially in non LTE areas), simply to avoid the damage AT&T is likely to do to this design by cramping its memory or what ever other shenanigans they want to pull.

I would love to see this come with Pentaband radios. I would import the European version because after the US Carriers get their hands on it who knows what will be missing.