One of the hardest parts of owning my Motorola Droid has been keeping a battery that is charged in the device. But while on the go there is not always a charger that is easily accessible, so I had to explore some other options. After deciding on a spare battery, I began using it and quickly came to realize my next issue, how do I charge both batteries at the same time, with only one device? So let's take a look after the jump at the Motorola Spare Battery Charger, which is the option that was most fitting.

During my hunt for the perfect spare battery charger there were a few requirements that needed to be met, and while it may seem as though it is rather picky, having the perfect accessory for your needs is way more important then many realize. The first requirement was compatibility, not only with my device, but also other Android devices, seeing as I have many friends with Android devices who are in the same position as me. This charger was not only compatible with the Droid 1 and Droid 2, but also the Devour, Cliq, Cliq XT, and the i1, which is quite a few devices, so this need has been met. 

droid-charger-side-1 droid-charger-side-2

Since this charger met the first piece of criteria, it was on to the second, which was the ease of travel with the accessory. The first thing I noticed is that there are no attachments for the various battery types, instead the charger is actually double-sided, giving each battery its own section to fit in. This means no lugging around extra attachments with the risk of one being broken or lost during travels, and also helps keep this unit nice and slim. In addition to the slim design, this charger has the option to be used with a micro-usb charger as well as a mini-usb charger, which is great because it always seems as though the opposite of what you need is what you have at hand. Having this flexibility was key because I don't always have a microUSB with me, but it always seems as though I have a ton of mini cables around.

droid-charger-micro-usb droid-charger-mini-usb

The final piece I was looking at was overall construction as well as any key features that it offered that could be found useful or important. The key one that I saw right away was that this charger actually has an IC chip in it which won't allow the battery to overcharge or overheat, and that is very important to me. I tend to put the device / battery on the charger at night, and not take it off until the morning, which definitely isn't the best thing for it, but coming from a BlackBerry background it's what I am used to. In addition to this feature, there is also a status LED that switches colors once the battery is fully charged, which is great for those times I am waiting for it to charge so I can head out.

droid-charger-side-by-side droid-battery-in-charger

Overall, this battery charger met every need that I had for it, and it was certainly not a piggy bank breaker either. While the charger had a lot of good to it, the one thing I didn't care for was the lack of any USB cable being provided with it, even though it works with any of the ones I currently have, not everyone will have the same selection, and they may want an extra that they can travel with. Aside from this minor flaw, the $14.95 spent on this charger was worth every penny, and if you are looking for a similar option yourself, I strongly recommend picking one of these up from the Android Central Store.

Contest -

If you have one of the compatible devices of this spare battery charger be sure to comment on this blog post and one winner will be selected at random to win one of these! The winner will be selected on by midnight PST tonight and notified via email. Be sure to sign up for an Android Central account if you don't already have one, and join the fun.


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Review: Motorola Spare Battery Charger


I've been looking for something like this for my droid. Now that school has started back up I am on it all day and night, I usually carry an extra plug around with me.

I use my DROID as a car GPS a lot, which sucks down battery faster than my car charger can recharge it. I got a Seidio spare battery, and this is next on the list.

SPRINT needs one of these for the EVO. I ask then about buying an extra battery, and they have it. I ask them how do I charge "BOTH" they say I.D.K. . . . It's pretty ridiculous

I totally need this, my Droid 2 battery doesn't last nearly what i need it to. I thought my old D1 battery was bad, but apply a 1GHz processor to the mix and battery wasting Motoblur background crap and you see terrible battery life. Sedio better make an extended slim version of this battery.

Looks nice, I like the dual-sided part. Not sure I'd want to spend the money on this and another battery since I'm not away from a charger for very long but would be nice to win. :)

I bought one of these from a Verizon store and it did include a Moto micro USB charger. It was packaged in a Verizon branded box so Verizon may have included that. The cost was just over $20. Not too bad at all.

I bought an aftermarket battery and charger off eBay for ten bucks and has been working great. but since I have been using ultimate Droid froyo extreme 8.0 i have not had to use it cause I have had charges last up to 26 hours.!!! og Droid

good review. This is something i could use for sure. I switched from Blackberry to Droid2. Had a extended life battery for the BB, was bulkly but lasted forever. Don't want to add bulk to my droid so this with extra battery sounds like the plan.

good review. This is something i could use for sure. I switched from Blackberry to Droid2. Had a extended life battery for the BB, was bulkly but lasted forever. Don't want to add bulk to my droid so this with extra battery sounds like the plan.

Wow, I didn't even know that there was an option for one of these. I just sold my Nexus One and I am in the process of selling my Samsung Captivate and just got my Droid 2 in the mail. I happily switched from AT&T to Verizon as I just started my career at Verizon and I get a great discount. AT&T wont be missed that's for sure. It took me a good week to decide between the Droid 2 and the Droid Incredible, but the keyboard, faster processor, and better GPU was the deciding factor.

Anyways I am going to be ordering a bigger battery and whether I am lucky enough to win this contest or not I will be ordering me one of these. I have noticed that Motorola makes some great accessories for the Droid 2. Great article Android Central. This is why this is my favorite site on the net.

I have a similar device from Seidio that charges your phone and extra battery at the same time. It's not quite as small as Moto's, but it can run off of AC or USB. I wouldn't mind another for my wife.

My girlfriend has my Droid now and this would be a great idea for her since she's constantly ending up in places without a charger...

This was a LIFESAVER for me when I had my 1st Droid. Then I foolishly left Android and came back to the light not too long ago. Blackberry-s and their accessories aren't the most cost-effective...batteries and their chargers included.

I'd love to win one of these, not only because I'll avoid
arguments w/ the family over not answering my phone, also because it's just something greatly practical to have. That, and I'm pressed for cash, so FREE BATTERY CHARGER?! Yes, please. :)

This would really help me with my Droid. I keep running out of battery life at work (I work in a basement with intermittent signal strength).

Any chance it's compatible with the Droid X ? I though the D2 and the DX had the same guts / hardware?
I could realy use this

Since I don't have a car charger and my phone is my GPS I got a second battery. I've been considering buying one of these and would really appreciate it.

I was just thinking about purchasing this for my Droid 1 extra battery, nice review! definitely going to get one of these.

i had one of these before i got my DrOidX but it was for a CrapBerry and Moto is way better, its one of the best thing you can have for your droid because it happens all the time where you need to get that picture or look up that place or just watch that video and its dead, now trying to show your phone off to ilame4 owners and that happens, no better feeling pulling out a freshly charger Droidery, awesome job moto an awesome job ANDROID CENTRAL, i check this place more often an before facebook everyday, the number 1 place for anything droid or cell phone

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been delaying getting an extra battery for my Droid because i couldn't find a decent spare charging solution.

I bought from a different place but I can say I love the charger and if you look around you can find a good inexpensive battery. My old blackberry AC cord fits just fine. Iam on the phone a lot and I have to change batteries once every day.

You forgot one major NEG, I have this charger and it ONLY charges OEM batteries. Get an aftermarket battery (same model number but no moto logo) and it does not charge the battery, but the battery DOES charge in the phone.

Clicked for: how do I charge both batteries at the same time, with only one device
So unless I missed something, this doesn't do that right? In fact it doesn't even come with its own charger? Heck I want to win now to try and figure out what use there is forthis device.

I have two spare batteries for my droid and a 5000 mah backup battery so this might come in handy if I could figure out a use for it

This is a great review! I purchased something similar to this on eBay, but alas it was a piece of crap as it wouldn't charge a phone via USB as it was advertised to. I'd love to win this so that I can charge multiple batteries and my Droid at once.

Isn't a chip to prevent overcharging required for LiIon/LiPo batteries? Or at least any that can be legally sold in the US, with the UL certification?

This thing does look pretty useful, I only wish it would have a cable to directly plug in to the mini-usb port rather than need separate batteries, possibly another deal breaker.