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If you're on Sprint and have been considering the HTC One but have not yet pulled the trigger, you will have another option starting tomorrow — "glamor red." The only options up until now have been silver and black (or gold, if you want to drop some serious cash.) The red HTC One is exclusive to Sprint customers in the U.S. and will be available for the same price of $199.99, with a 2-year agreement. 

What's more, Sprint is offering a "buy one, get one free" deal on the HTC One until Aug. 30.

Customers also get NextRadio access, which means the FM radio app will come pre-installed on your new HTC One. It's an app that allows you to browse radio stations, interact with those stations and purchase songs that you like. It differs from other apps because rather than using data, it goes through your phone's FM tuner, which means the battery usage isn't as great. 

Sprint customers, have you been waiting patiently for the red HTC One? And if you're not on Sprint, are you tempted by this color option?

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Rock Out With New NextRadio App on Red Hot HTC One

Exclusively from Sprint Beginning Aug. 16

NextRadio seamlessly brings live FM radio with interactive contentto Sprint smartphones

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.  Aug. 15, 2013 – Do you love rocking out to your favorite local radio station on your smartphone but hate the toll it takes on your battery when you stream? Music lovers rejoice! Sprint signed an industry first and will offer access to the new NextRadio® interactive FM radio application beginning with HTC One®and HTC EVO® 4G LTE. This deal will allow Sprint to provide the NextRadio service on a broad range of Sprint smartphone devices during the next several years.

With NextRadio, listening to FM radio on smartphones offers a new type of interactive radio listening experience. When compared with streaming, NextRadio consumes about three times less battery life than other music apps. That’s because the audio is coming through a built-in FM tuner instead of over the Internet.

NextRadio is a free app that comes preloaded on HTC One from Sprint for all new activations. Customers who already own HTC One or HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint can download NextRadio through Google Play at no additional charge.

Don’t have HTC One just yet? No worries! Beginning Friday, Aug. 16, HTC One is launching in a hot, new red color, exclusively for Sprint customers. HTC One in red will be available in all Sprint Stores, Sprint Business Sales, Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) and Web Sales for $199.99 with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade (excludes taxes and surcharges). The device is currently available in silver and black.

And to turn up the heat even more, from Aug. 16 through Aug. 30, Sprint will offer a special promotion to make it even easier for customers to get their hands on the HTC One with interactive FM radio from NextRadio. For a limited time and while supplies last, customers can purchase an HTC One and get a second one for free, in any of the three color options – silver, black or red1.

“Our customers already enjoy listening to a variety of music apps on their smartphones, but NextRadio makes it easier than ever to interact with the local radio stations they enjoy listening to in the car virtually anywhere,” said Fared Adib, senior vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “Marking another innovation milestone for Sprint, our partners at NextRadio are transforming the FM radio listening experience by allowing users to interact with their favorite radio shows by calling or messaging directly from their smartphone.”

NextRadio allows users to:

  • Browse stations in their local area by genre or frequency, set favorites, view recently played stations or use a traditional tuner interface
  • Call or text the radio shows they love, providing the ability to send instant feedback to the station whenever and virtually wherever they are listening
  • Watch music and talk come to life with album art, station logos, song and show details, and instant actions like sharing or purchasing songs right from their phone

A headset or speaker wire plugged into the 3.5mm stereo audio jack is required and serves as the antenna for the FM radio chip. Customers can easily find a radio station from the NextRadio onscreen guide, which is divided by music genre or selecting the station dial position. The app also includes radio station logos, slogans and programming description. 

“We’re excited that an innovative wireless carrier like Sprint is leading the effort to offer American consumers something they’ve always loved – listening to the radio – right in the palm of their hands,” said Gordon Smith, president of the National Association of Broadcasters. “This service expands on that experience by enabling consumers to interact with local broadcasters directly through the application.”

For more information about the NextRadio application, visit

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NoNexus says:

Exclusives still pisses me off.

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moosc says:

Still waiting for the Blue HTC One on Verizon. Any day any day come on VZW.

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revtech says:

Has that been rumored or is that wishful thinking? I would absolutely love a blue one (well, as long as its not a "girly" blue), but I was just about to post that I was shocked vzw wasn't getting the red one with all their proclivity for red/droid accent.

revtech says:

Nevermind I looked it up . . wow, that is exactly the color I would like . . yes, come quickly to vzw =)

ak074 says:

2 weeks isnt going to kill you...

dovlek says:

Thet should got a yellow one for sprint and a red for verizon, stripe for at&t and a pink for tmobile! Lol

cowboys2000 says:


cowboys2000 says:


frozndevl says:

HTC does red stuff for Sprint, look back to the OG Evo and the red insides, followed by the Red banded HTC EVO 4G LTE Cupcake Dandelion Pancake (sorry, I got carried away).

Deegan says:

I'm still rockin' the OG EVO!

bumpandrun says:

Only got rid of mine in May to get the One!

NoNexus says:

now that you mention it, The rezound for Verizon had red inside.

Maybe HTC just has a thing for red

bhatech says:

CDMA sucks... HTC other OEMs you morons stop the exclusive craziness.

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NoNexus says:

Says you. Nah your right

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

ab304945 says:

gsm sucks

O'Doyle rules!

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droidhead_1 says:


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arealmunson says:


Vacmfuzzy says:

Ur going down!

Mayoo614 says:

Aaaahhh!!! My eyes!!!

Posted via Android Central App

NoNexus says:

It isnt that bad

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Good OL MC says:

I actually really like that color.

Anyone interested in the FM radio app? I know it isn't new stuff, but having it there has its uses.

NoNexus says:

I would be, but the One got cut from the list. Is more phones had fm tuners I would consider it

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

mstrblueskys says:

Why did the One get cut from "the list"?

NoNexus says:

Mostly because it was not "enough" of an upgrade from the SGS3. The same reason I didn't go to the SGS4.

The speakers were damn tempting though and I loved my Rezound. It is down to Note3, Honami and One Maxx though. So HTC may still get my money

BigDinCA says:

Umm... what? I have the both apps and they both work fine.

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Zero interest in the FM radio app. I stopped listening to FM radio in my car several years ago for a reason. Occasionally when a coworker drives to lunch, I get a reminder why. (But it seems some coworkers like FM, so the app may appeal to them.)

Kayone73 says:

Yes I never understood this, who still listens to FM radio anymore, maybe the generation that doesn't have cable TV or home broadband Internet

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Deegan says:

Support your local radio stations. They are the reason you get to go to concerts.

Not being able to pay $100+ to get packed like sardines into a venue with bad acoustics. Oh noes!

bloo0153 says:

I do. NPR


Yeah, I stopped listening to FM radio a few years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made.

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wpavlik2 says:

This gives me the SADS...
I won't go back to Sprint!

NoNexus says:

Your missing out

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

wpavlik2 says:

I am currently rockin' the silver version of this great phone on T-Mo.
I know a LOT of folks diss t-mobile because they have lousy service in their area, but for ME, it works where I go, so I'm loving it so far. Sprint has taken way too long to get LTE turned on in Central NC. (and a LOT of other places)

salr88 says:

Looks good, the black accents set it off in my opinion. I've got silver but I'd rather be on a carrier with actual data speed instead of promises and the now infamous "next month well have 4G", heard that when I bought the evo on release day.

cowboys2000 says:

Yep. That got old. But, when it worked it was awesome. As long as you were OUTSIDE!!!

Can you use the free second one on Virgin Mobile, or is it only "free" with a second $1920 contract? I think I know the answer, but I won't hold my breath for a certain state's AG to sue Sprint over *their* advertising.

cowboys2000 says:


All "offers" have terms. Why would they give you a free or discounted phone and not require a contract?

On the commercials, it mentions "with a 2 year new line/upgrade". So where is the false advertising? I don't even see bait and switch because even if it isn't expressly stated in the ad, "most" wirless users should know that a free or discounted phone requires a line of service (active) and probably a $36 activation free.

Plus, the second phone is only BOGO AFTER a Mail In Rebate.

Finally, while Boost and Virgin run off the Sprint Network, Sprint requires/wants you to use a phone branded for the specific carrier/plan you are on. That is also a given isn't it.

NoNexus says:

I am guessing your a Cowboys fan by the nickname there, so it really pains me to say...

You are right with your post.

"with a 2 year new line/upgrade"

It only requires *a* 2 year contract for the deal, not *two* 2 year contracts? Cool!

NoNexus says:

Thanks for playing but wrong.

I didnt even have to go into the TOS to see

"Each device requires its own line of service with a 2-year Agreement or eligible upgrade."


cowboys2000 says:


I was reading the comment I had replied to thinking: WTH is the person talking about. If you are a current customer looking at this phone eligible for an upgrade and have multiple lines eligible or looking to add a line, the BOGO offer is pretty sweet.

Of Course you will have a contact for the BOGO plan. But at least one phone is FREE (after rebate?). Either way, you have saved $199!

I wonder if the new red version will come with 4.2?

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kingjames924 says:

My day was already going bad, and now I had to see this? Damn you Sprint.

I think I need a shot of something.

DavidJ726 says:

I've dropped & shattered two phones in the past 3 years, the Palm Pre and the HTC EVO, so now I have an Otter Box (or some other worthy shell)covering it. With that said, colors are the least important factor for me.

I'm eligible for an upgrade and am waiting to see what's available later this Fall. I'm so tempted by the One, especially the front facing speakers and the screen, but Sony, LG, etc are also tempting!


TechGuy21 says:

What's the point of all these colors if you need a case to protect the fragile thing?

Habiib says:

That's the question I've been asking myself over the past few years. When the GS3 came out in all of those color variants, I didn't get it since a case would hide the colors. Same for the Windows phones and any other phone that doesn't come in traditional colors.

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Deegan says:

I've never used a case with any phone or tablet. I've never broken or droped my phone on a surface that would damage them. Color matters a lot to folks like me!

Poetic Atmosphere. Nuff' said.

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matt3166 says:

Dear Sprint,

Instead of putting different colors out there, why not get 4.2 out instead?

NoNexus says:

You mean Dear Samsung since Sprint only bought it...

suavehouse says:

Forget 4.2, they need to push out that 4.3 code they'll be pushing out with the Developer's Edition.

glazedfaith says:

Anybody else feel like they're starting to abuse the word "Exclusive"? Next month, the all new Sprint Whatchamajigger with Sprint Service, Exclusively on Sprint. Verizon and AT&T also announce their respective Verizon Whatchamajigger and AT&T Whatchamajigger. Please note that these devices work EXCLUSIVELY on the carriers in the title. All other features remain the same.

MarkSeven says:

If the phone isn't exclusive then the color is smdh.. HTC will never learn..

NoNexus says:

Keeps them in the news...that is about all

sheba510 says:

I really wanted the red HTC One on Verizon. Where I live, Sprint does not have 4g or LTE network, so switching is not an option for me. :(

glazedfaith says:

Not to mention switching for a color is not an option for ANY thinking individual

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suavehouse says:

I have Black, now they come out with red?!?!?!?

MUTHA F*$& ME!!!